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What stereotypical vision do you have about Brazil?

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    Im' brazilian and it's very sad for us, seeing how many stereotypes foreign people has about Brazil. Mainly, the citizens of the United States and UK: (1) Brazil MUST be a VERY POOR COUNTRY; (2) Men are violent "machos" who unrespect women and consider her submissive and trash; (3) brazilians MUST be dark skinners; (4) brazilian women MUST be easy for sex; (5) brazilian women's beauty MUST BE FAKE, because Brazil is the paradise of plastic surgery; (6) brazilians dream about 'green card'; (7) brazilians ask money for tourists to sustain their miserable families; (8) brazilian MUST BE latinos; (9) if brazilians MUST BE latinos, then, brazilians are hispanic; (10) If brazilians are hispanic, brazilians speak spanish; (11) Brazil is the country of samba, soccer, beaches and Amazonia; (11) Brazil is the most violent nation of the whole World; etc.

    However, all of these foolish are unforgivable in the internet era. If these guys has no school in their towns and they has lack of culture, it's not excuse for writing stupid things like these I have mentioned above. Its enough search for decent information.

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    1 decade ago

    Brazil is not about naked women. It is the biggest country in south america, most impressive nature beauty, wonderful people, amazing food , culture.

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  • 5 years ago

    a stereotype when it comes to Portuguese people is that they like fish soo much. or they call them porkchops for some reason but that is what i hear about Portuguese people they kind of got a good rep but they are sometime overshadow by the spanish people.

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    i agree with DC and alberto......naked women and also alberto you forgot that on every street corner people are doing jiu jitsu.....just like in china everyone is doing kung fu

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Very attractive and mostly naked women on the beach! Yeah!

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