Does anyone in San Antonio have any suggestions on what nursing school to attend?

I've looked at Baptist Health System, SAC, and UT Health Science Center, but I can't seem to decide which. So I thought to see if anyone out there had any opinions or suggestions, or perhaps knew someone that attended either of these schools. I need a deciding factor!

Thank you!

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    All of the programs in the city produce RNs who perform reasonably equal levels of care.

    There are differences in these courses which you must consider.

    The BHS program is a diploma program, and is one of the finest of this type in the country. However, as there are only 56 diploma programs remaining in the country, some employers may have some confusion about your education which you will need to explain. This is not an issue in most cases, but may exist and even be an issue for some positions.

    SAC is an ADN (associate degree) program. Thhis takes less time to complete, but also does not allow you to have as many options in employment. The ADN is paid in many cases an equal salary to the BSN, but at some facilities the BSN will be paid a differential for the additional education.

    UTHSCSA and UIW are both BSN (bachelor of science in nursing programs). This allows you to work in any aspect as a registered nurse, and also prepares you for advanced education should you later decide to go into advanced practice as a nurse practitioner, midwife, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse anesthetist(all of which require a graduate school degree) At some facilities in the US, but not necessarily all of the facilities in San Antonio the BSN is considered preferred or required to advanced beyond the staff nurse level into supervisory or other preferred positions. There are also some employment opportunities you will find which are BSN or higher required or preferred. Some students prefer to obtain the ADN, then go back and complete the BSN in residence ot on line after they have their license and are working. This takes longer, but is in some cases a good idea.

    On a practical standpoint, you need to look at certain important issues. It cost less to attend an ADN program, than a state supported BSN program, which is less than a private university BSN program. I am not sure where the cost of BHS fits in this scale.

    The other point to consider is whether the program prepares you to pass the NCLEX-RN examination. The 2007 pass rates are as follows:

    SAC: 83.06%

    UTHSCSA: 86.15%

    BHS: 86.79%

    UIW: 87.50%

    Hope this information helps.

    I have known and worked with people who have attended all of these programs. Unfortunately, you can't compare, as nobody goes to any two programs. You need to make your choices based on what you see.

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    Incarnate Word probably has the best program in the city. But it is the most expensive.

    UTHSCSA is an excellent program, but takes longer to complete, and cost more in tuition. A strong factor which benefits this program is the number and educational preparation of the faculty. The UTHSCSA has many faculty nursing members a large percentage of whom have a doctoral degree.

    SAC is a fine school, and is the least expensive of the degree producing programs. I know some of the faculty members they have on the staff and they are very good.

    You need to decide which program fits your needs. Most will have an open house for prospective students.

    BHS is a fine program, it is just a smaller program which is non-degree producing. However, it does an excellent job at preparing students for the RN exam.

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    I told you, it's not possible. As a part of nursing school you need to do clinical rotations at a hospital. You will have no time for that. The navy is a full time job and then some. You can almost count of 3 or 4 years of sea duty right out of boot camp or tech school.

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    UTHSC...for sure!!!!!!!

    SAC has a good program too for a portion of UT cost though...

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    go to the one with the highest pass that looks like incarnate word

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