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Is anyone else pissed that McCain's aids are now ripping Palin?

It was they themselves and nobody else who chose her. They didn't know what they were choosing; they didn't have a single interview in person with her before choosing her; they generalized women by thinking that simply because the VP had breasts, that women would flock to the Republican ticket; they didn't spend enough time preparing her, and they got what they deserved!

Now, the news is reporting that McCain wanted to choose Rudy Giuliani. Like that would have helped.

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    So either way they would have had a VP in a dress. Nice.

    Plus, having two admitted adulterers on the ticket would have made it really hard to reach the family values crowd.

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    I am not sure that I believe that McCain's aids are the ones who are ripping Palin. If that is true, they are pretty "gutless". They can dish the dirt but can't face letting the world know who they are.

    I personally do not think that Palin was such a bad choice. She didn't know every detail that VP's need to know but most don't before they get into office. They learn along the way and Palin had a lot of experience in Alaska where she made tremedous changes for the good of that state. She had more experience than Obama had!! You think Biden is all that smart? He is quite the "gaff machine".

    What a ridiculous statement to say that she was chosen because she "had breasts and would make women flock to the Republican ticket!" You have to be pretty ignorant to believe such a dimwitted statement. Women do not flock anywhere because someone has breasts or because they are female. Most women use their brain to determine who is more qualified for a position if they care about voting at all.

    Palin was not permitted to speak in the beginning but when she did, she had massive crowds of admirers. The problem was not with Palin; it was with the economic crisis which happened at the worst possible time in the campaign.

    The news you are watching is the one sided liberal version which is so popular for most of the biased networks and not worth the air they take up with the one sided reporting. I do not and never did appeciate the disrespectful reporting that happened to Palin or the fact that Obama was treated like a "rock star". His faults and previous dealings with questionable alliances were overlooked as if they didn't matter.

    Time will reveal the truth and we will suffer at the hands of this man who is very dangerous and will destroy the Nation we once loved. The freedoms he is planning on taking from all of us are many. Check out his web site and see how you feel now!! McCain and Palin would have been a far better choice but we are stuck with what we got and will do what we can to make changes the next time.

    God bless America!

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    I don't understand why people will continue to kick a person who's down. It's easy to take cheep shots at someone in the public spotlight. Yet let one of you get up there and do what Mrs. Palin has done, and see how you fare. It took a lot of guts for her to accept the nomination to be Mr. McCain's running mate. Especially with some of the baggage she was carrying. Some of you have probably made the statement about casting stones when your favorite person was picked on. So what do you do now? Throw those same stones that you told someone else not to throw. Hippocrite! Why can't everyone just get over it? We will have a new president, come January, so we need to have respect for his office, and respect for those who have disrupted a good portion of their life to at least try to do something to change what's been happening around here. Why don't you all who are throwing stones start doing something constructive like volunteering for a community project, and put something back into your community. It's easy to make flip and nasty comments since it's someone you've never met, or no one you care about. Mrs. Palin is someone's mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and soon to be grandma. Have some respect, will ya? It's gotta be tiring to come up with all the things that are being said about her, and about all the others that are being trashed on this site. If you think you can do better, then step up people. This is still a free country, so see if you can do any better before throwing your stones at anyone else's attempt. I didn't vote for Mr. Obama, but you don't hear me spewing hate & discontent on the man. I have respect for the office that he will be serving in. As long as he will uphold the laws of this land, and protect us from foreign powers, he will have my support. As a Christian, I am required, by the Bible, to respect and give what's due to the leaders of my country. The election is over (thank God!). It's time to make your own corner of the world the best possible place to live in, promoting peace as much as you can. <*)))><

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    The sad part is the claims out there right now are from an "unknown source". This means they are nothing more then hearsay. When Fox News talked out the latest allegations yesterday at least they mentioned the source of the claims was from a questionable source. For all we know the reporter that started all this could be making it up since he or she has nothing better to due now that the election is over. Till someone comes forward to give credit to the stories they are nothing more then rumor.

    The New York Times did the same thing a few months ago when they published a front page report about how McCain cheated on his wife with a staff worker. The "source" for that story was nothing more then "a friend of a friend told me he overheard someone say" kind of thing. Just goes to show you that true journalism is dead when they base an entire story on rumor and hearsay. And it's obvious Obamabots appear to be dumb enough to fall for it so easily.

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    I'm an Obama supporter and even I feel a little sorry for her. You see how the Republicans do? They turn on their own and are only out for themselves. They won't even come and take up for her. Where's John McCain? This is why they didn't win because God doesn't like ugly!

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    I am a non republican conservative

    I did not vote for McCain/Palin

    MCCain and his team are too spineless to accept their own failures


    Sarah Palin for all faults

    spoke from her heart during the campaign On what she believed.

    Something Obama, McCain and Biden are unable to do.

    She Did everything the Repulican stratigists asked her to do

    Went on Saturday night live to do tastless skits because they asked her too.

    Worked as hard as any canidate I have ever seen

    She was smeared more than any other candidate in history.

    And has NOT smeared any of her decractors


    The GOP heirarcey is now stabbing her in the back

    And handing her over to the liberal MSM sharks and the new renagade Fox news.

    Making her the blame for McCain failure to win the election.

    The Failure was in Republican Leadership.

    I would not vote for Sarah Palin for president,I do not believe she has the leadership or administration abilities to be president.

    I still think she is GREAT American.


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    I'm pissed the news media knew she was an idiot and kept it quiet, because that was their "agreement" with the campaign! What kind of fluff journalism is that?!?

    McCain threw a Hail Mary, hoping the "social conservatives" (or, as I prefer, religious kooks) would be "energized" enough to get him a win. Fortunately, he alienated most of the moderates he previously appealed to.

    Maybe he is bitter that she couldn't pretend to be smart for 2-1/2 months. Whatever the case, I'm just thankful the American voters didn't fall for that load of crap.

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    Jezz...McCain would have done even worse with Rudy. Mr 911 brought nothing to the ticket

    lol Beardog

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    I'm not pissed about it, but it goes to show that everybody who said she was a bad choice for VP was right. The Republicans really blew it this time. They chose Palin as a gimmick and it backfired. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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    I feel sorry for her. Everyone trying to blame her. She's just the scapegoat. She didn't seem ready for any of it. Those people are just cynical self serving dickheads just worried about their own political careers.

    The truth is they lost because america was sick of their BS. Sarah Palin just gets to carry the bucket for their crap.

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