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How much are shotgun shells for shooting clay pigeons?

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    You can buy the genuine stuff (Winchester AA or Remington STS) for about $7.50 a box at Walmart.

    A cheaper alternative that works just as well for "practice" would be the promotional loads that all of the manufacturer's make. Kmart recently had a sale on the Remington Sure Shot shells for $3.68 a box.

    The difference between the target loads and the promotional loads is that the target loads have 1 1/8 ounce of shot, versus only 1 ounce for the promo loads. Also, the target loads undergo greater quality assurance testing...not that it is a big it is a rare thing for a factory loaded shotshell to misfire.

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    $7-$12 for a box of 25 shells.

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    It relies upon on how lots you opt to pay. Stoger has an over below for $3 hundred-$500. Ruger,and a great form of gun businesses that have been around the block some circumstances have some properly into the 1000's, and a few into the tens of 1000's. i could flow to three gun shops. attempt huge 5 for the Stoger, and local gun shops for the rest.

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    yea what he said

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