Anime Poll #1 (20 Letters)?

What do you consider is the most exagerated anime/manga ever? And, do you get a laugh out of it?

Like those romance ones where the girl is staring into the guys' faces, and the thoughts are like "he's so hot. i can never get him. he has beautiful eyes." I have to laugh. Its too predictable.

Or those action ones. a kid is down, watching their friends get hurt, and they think, "i must get powerful. I must win." Then, its like, "OMG! Never before seen attack/technique?! What is it?!"

You get the idea. XD

For me, I think its DBZ serious moments where either Goku and Vegeta are staring down and not saying a thing for 30 secs. I'd just keep thinking that they need to go and take a sh*t. XD


"Its over 9000!"

I'll still do surveys. Polls are easier to do.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    oh so you're doing polls now ^^

    any sports anime, I mean it takes them 20 episodes to finish a 40 or 20 minutes match, but I still like them!! and some of their plays are predictable and then the audience will go like wow heh it happens a lot

    and some of the action animes, they drag the incident a lot!!!

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  • Topaz
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    1 decade ago

    The most exaggerated one that I can think of is Sassy Girl. I get major laughs with that one especially when the girl purposely sets up the boy to do things for her. And he does so willing surprisingly enough. I remember in the first book they introduce the girl who had probably drunk too much and then later blew chunks all over a guy's head on the subway. The girl is brutal and the boy just takes what she dishes out.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OK, I have one worse than all these put together. HIKARU NO GO!!! Sure, I like it, but I just can't stop laughing at it sometimes! It's in Shonen Jump, and a drama (I don't know if it's supposed to be), but WAY too dramatic. The story revolves around a board game, and one of the main characters killed himself over losing a game! No action scenes, no powering up endlessly, just playing a game. And they get all sweaty and nervous over it! They have heart attacks over it, cry about it, and scream!!! I'm not joking! Here's the first episode. SUCH A DRAMA!!!!!! (Especially in English)

    Source(s): Veoh?
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  • Yeah, DBZ. Lol. For like half the episode it's all stare-downs. >.>

    And also Pokemon. XD I remember them having those moments where the trainers Pokemon is all beat up and almost dead and the opponent still doesn't have a scratch. Then, the almost-dying Pokemon somehow wins with this awesome move.

    Or there's always Naruto. ><

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah I agree with you about Dragon Ball, theres always a character who has an OMG moment. In yugioh they take card games very seroiously. I love how they make fun of it in yugioh! abridged.

    KAIBA: I'd rather die than lose to my arch rival. (steps up onto the edge of the roof)

    BAKURA: Oh my! If Yugi attacks, the shock waves could send Kaiba flying right off the edge of the castle!

    KAIBA: Your gay friend is right, Yugi.

    BAKURA: I'm not gay, I'm just British!

    YAMI: Dude, don't you think you're overreacting a little? I mean it's just a card game.

    KAIBA: Card games are serious business. Now unleash your attack, if you have the guts!

    JOEY: This is awesome! Yugi's gonna kill Kaiba!

    TRISTAN: I've always dreamed this moment would come!

    YAMI: Kaiba must die!

    YUGI: But what would grandpa say?

    GRANDPA: Yuuugiii... kill that son of a *****!

    TÉA: Yugi, no! You can't take this risk! He might survive!

    YUGI: She's right! We can't! Stop!

    KEITH: I don't believe it! Yugi forfeited the match to Kaiba! Ben Affleck would be ashamed.. in America!

    KAIBA: I knew my emo strategy would pay off. You geeks are so gullible.

    YUGI: I lost a card game! I no longer have a reason to live!

    Source(s): The great pumpkin
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  • 4 years ago

    1 Whos is your top fave character? :)Sesshomaru! 2 Who would win in a fight, Kagome vs Kikyo (no one is involved) :) Kikyo 3 If you could, would you trade lives with any of the characters, if so who? :) Sango 4 How did you get into Inuyasha? :) Heard from it from a friend watched a show feel in love with it the moment i saw it 5 What was your first impression on Jaken? :)A pest lol that's funny 6 What did you think when Sesshomaru brought Rin back to life? -:) He does care for humans deep down 7 Who do you think Inuyasha should be with? :)Kagome 8 What do you think of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha Yaoi?? :) Dude there brothers 9 What was your first impressions after watching your first full episode? :)Love it :) 10 What is your fave type of demon? -Dog! 11 Is there any type of demon you would of liked to see but never appeared in the manga/anime? :) Well lets see maybe a tiger 12 What would you do if you were walking and came across a shrine with a well in it and it so happened to be called the Bones Eater Well? :) I would all ready be down that well 13 What would you do if you actually was able to pass through the well? :)Sweet now where is Sessy? 14 If you could be any kind of demon what would you be? -Cat :) 15 You have the choice of any weapon, to use in the feudal era, what is it (it can be one existing, or you can invent one) -Sango's Boomerang :) 16 ok I told myself I wouldn't go past 15, and look, I'm at 16 XD so would you like (please) to ask me anything RELATED to Inuyasha? :) when are there going to be more shows? :( <>?<>?<>?<>?<>BONUS<>?<>?<>?<>?<> How was your Valentines day? I know I was going to wait till tomorow but I MUST know! -No one just me i made a cake

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey!!! your doing polls now? Thats awesome ^_^ you were doing so good in your survays, what happened (other than trolls)? Well what ever made you change your mind ill still answer and support ya!


    What do you consider is the most exagerated anime/manga ever? And, do you get a laugh out of it?

    >>>>>>>>>Yeah i would agree, DBZ! I got a laugh out of it, well ok, not then but now! XD

    Or Yu-gi-oh! (dont get me wrong i ♥ it but..) Its only a game, but they go out of there way to win! "Oh i must train to beat yugi, he is so strong" Im like "no just smart enough to beat your A$$, at a game!" XD

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  • 1 decade ago

    It has to be DBZ for sure. Besides what you mentioned, the 1-3 minute long power-up shouts/muscle flexing that Goku and other characters do is overdramatic.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hey, your doing polls now =D

    i must agree, DBZ is pretty exaggerating, Bleach can get exaggerating too!

    When it comes to romance, Ouran High wins the price XD

    here a funny video with Death Note mixed with the audio of DBZ

    Youtube thumbnail

    exaggerating much =P

    -have a nice day =D

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with DBZ! (though I liked it)

    The powers are exaggerated and the skills are unbelievable.

    That made them the strongest amongst the animes.

    The reason why I'm asking such question like "anime GOD's name and stuff, is because I wan't someone though imaginary to beat them.

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