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Ok, so first simple question: is the CIA the USA's spy group? Second: What do you need to know and do to become a spy that works out in the world and actually does the spying? No questions on why I need to know, just tell me please.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes the CIA is America's official spies guild. Among other intelligence gathering operations they perform. Yes they directly employ those who spy on other nations. Right now, supposedly the number of NOCs (spys that spy clandestinely) is quite low. Check out the CIA's website for more information on clandestine spy service to the United States

    Entry Level Position into Clandestine operations

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with Scott W's answer.

    The CIA is an overt and covert national security operations organisation responsible only to the President in the first instance. It has a direct line to the US Treasury and as such it only has to account to the president for any money it takes out of the treasury.

    It's job is two fold.

    1. on the overt level to be seen to be looking after the internal security of the nation through being involved in major security crimes alongside the FBI.

    2. covertly forces US international policy on other nations if they are said to present a threat to US homeland security. As such it also has the job of intelligence gathering and is, for example, deeply involved in Guantanamo Bay interrogations.

    It sends in operatives to destabilize the operations of economies, governments, officials and cause general unrest in those nations in the interests of America's wishes.

    It enforces American foreign policy under the auspices of the President.

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    Knowing foreign languages is great

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