why do people recognize israel as a state?

why would countries and nations recognize israel , it was built illegally and on stolen land , its like we are supporting theft and violation .

israel forced two thirds of the palestinian people out of there land , and then it collected jewish people all over the world and gave them that land .

it is the obvious crime i have ever seen , and it was committed in front of the whole world , so why do people look at israel as a victim?

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    Israel is a state because it has its own government and its own military. It has claimed and protected its borders. It doesn't matter how a country came into being. It only matters if it can negotiate with other countries and hold up its end of the agreement. If Israel is not an independent country then what country is governing this land?

    Throughout history, counties were created by people claiming and defending various pieces of land.

    Israel is a victim because from the day it was created by the European countries, it has never launched a preemptive attack. What really makes the Palestinians and Arabs mad is that after several wars, where Israel was attacked first by another country, Israel ended up with more land than they started with. Since they didn't start the war and they had claimed the land during the war, they just kept it. Kind of like every other country in the world.

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    Every Nation on Earth is built on land stolen from someone else, that is the cycle of history and always has been. Why should we single out and condemn Israel for something everyone else has done, including the people Israel supposedly dispossessed, Historical evidence makes it clear the Palestinians weren't the original occupants of that region either.

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    I take it you weren't there. The Israelis forced no one off their lands. Many of the Palestinians left because they were told by their collective Arab brethren that there would be a short and decisive war that would exterminate the filthy Jews and they would then be able to return, not only getting back their land, but getting the land the Israelis had legally purchased.

    Unfortunately for the Palestinians, their collective Arab brethren took several severe butt-kickings from the Israelis, so there was never any spoils of war for them.

    As for their homeland, perhaps you should ask the Jordanians about that.

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    1 reason is Israel happens to basically control or at least has such strong influence on U.S. foreign policy though lobbying groups such as the The American Enterprise Institute,AIPAC ,Tri-lateral Commission and so on. As a result,Israel happens to get so much 'foreign aid' in terms of military hardware & what not.

    but also remember,the vast majority of Jews who now live in Israel aren't the old Jews of the Bible,but really converted Turko-Germanic Cossacks whose origins are really from what is now western Siberia. Their kingdom converted to Judaism in the late 10th century as a way to hold bay the Islamic Capliate (Empire) from extending into their domain,but also to keep out encroaching Christianity coming from their western frontiers as well.

    Those are a few reasons why Israel's existence is illegitimate as it stands.

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    biblical speaking you should start the history from the beginning,where god himself got given that land to the fleshly Israel, they'd lost it and was stolen from them when they disobeyed god's law time and time again, and this disobedience towards god was finally ended when fleshly Israel rejected Jesus as the promised messiah despite of visible evidences not one but hundreds of proofs they were hardnecked people to open their eyes, and god left them since they also despise his only begotten son, yourself if this happen to you though you are man you will have the same reaction to the issue,since we are the right image of god and his son.

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