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How long for biopsy results?

I know someone who is getting a biopsy this afternoon for a tumor in or around her lung. How long will it take to get the results? Will we have to wait until next week? Or will they find out today?

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    Every biopsy I've come across has taken about 10 days for the results to come back. It might be sooner - but 10 days is the norm. You can never get the results the same day because the doctor administering the biopsy needs to send the samples to a lab and then it has to be examined..And then a diagnosis has to be made based on the qualities of the sample.

    To be completely honest, most specialists have seen everything under the sun when it comes to biopsies and they can tell just by looking at the tumor's cells whether they're cancerous or not (but they don't want to be the one to tell you this). The specialist conducting the biopsy should tell this person what they see when do the test ( I think that would be an endoscopy) so the person knows what's going on inside of them.

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    Good luck to your Friend! Last year my mom had a breast biopsy and she waited 5 days for it, depends on whether or not the doc wants in STAT or not. I would suggest to her that he get the result ASAP, or give me(her) an RX for something for my nerves! Personally I couldn't wait it out, I be nuts!

    Again, good luck!

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