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Does outsourcing create racism?

Honestly, I am seeing alot of these "stay away from everyone of ethic x, y and z because they make bad products are are plain out to get us.. etc.." folks both and online and some in the public...

I Have even seen a waiter telling an Asian customer " you can tip but make sure its not melamie laced". And the once in a blue moon computer store clerk who told a customer that " you can buy anything here except my job ".......

It doesn't happen at every location, but increasing.... Will it become like 1933??

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    isnt it a pity that petty mindedness and mindlessness prevail with the masses. they couldnt see the trees and the woods. the world is becoming global and they can only see barely beyond their eyes.

    with globalization, either everyone prospers or some or many wll suffer or some will. so its really an ugly side of our human nature.

    it will go a long way to see the oneness of humanity, oneness of us living and striving for an ever-advancing civilization.

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