Questions about The Giver by Lois Lowry?

ok, so i recently read the Giver and I have a few questions.

In the beginning lily is talking about how her and her class mates went to another community, how can this be so if they kill the old and kill the babies that don't make it?

at the end when jonas leaves and the town gets the memories that the giver had will the giver still have them? how can the town receive them without the giver putting his hands on their back like with jonas?

if the dad didn't have any real feelings then why did he baby talk Gabe?

and finally, did lois lowry write anything else that i should read? or are there any other books that give you that same "WOW" feeling after you finished it? I already read Farenheit 451.

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    There are other communities in the world of The Giver. "Communities" are basically cities so the population center of the world isn't Jonas' community in particular. Think of it like this: If Chicago killed all of their elderly and frail babies New York would still exist, right? Because New York isn't dependant on Chicago for its population.

    I never understood the mechanics of how Jonas' memories were "released" to the rest of the community but it was implied that once the Giver gave a memory to Jonas that meant he didn't have it any more.

    As far as Jonas' dad - that is actually a really good question that I never thought of when reading this book! Maybe the Nuturers are trained to baby talk to the infants? You should email Lois Lowry and ask! I am 26 years old and read The Giver when I was in junior high. I emailed her to tell her that I read it recently (this was about a year ago) and that I still enjoyed it just as much as the first time I read it. She emailed me back THE NEXT DAY and was very sweet. She has a website that you can contact her from.

    She also wrote two follow up novels to The Giver called Gathering Blue and Messenger (though in my opinon those novels aren't quite as strong as The Giver).

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    I don't have the answers your looking for i just know i like the book

    the giver. Your doing the same thing i was doing for months trying to figure it out.

    Savage Love is a good book to if you get a chance to read it' or i realy liked it. Sorry i don't know for sure who wrote the book not much

    help am i?

    You've probably read misery by Steven King very good a lot better then the movie.

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    um she wrote a sequel to this book

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    And the question is ??????

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