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Las Vegas locals: do you know of any nice restaurants in Henderson, NV or near there that I can take my ?

Mother to for lunch ? Thank you for any suggestions.

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    There are pleanty, in the District near Green Valley Ranch, you have PF Changs & Cheesecake Factory if you want something more like a chain. In the same area is Kings Fish house, Lucilles (best BBQ around), Claim Jumper (good size varied menu), Kennedys (american), Elephant Bar (varied). These are all very close to one another. There is also a place on Sunset, just east of Green Valley Pkwy, called Todd's Unique Dining, which offers very unique dishes, so if your mom is adventurous & would enjoy a meal that should could not get anywhere else, this might be a good choice. They use unusual ingredients & change their menu all the time, you can get a menu online.

    Not specifying, price or anything, I went middle of the road, with Tood's probably being the most expensive, but you should be able to get most of the menu's online.

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    First off I would never move to somewhere I never visited. A visit will give you a feel of what life might be like there. You are basing your move on what you have heard about Las Vegas. That's not good. Visit it to see what it is all about. Many people visit here on vacation and then want to move here. Second, there aren't jobs available. For every single job opening there are 100 well qualified applicants. Not a great time to move here. Not knowing where to look for a home is a good indication that you should visit and check out the area. Henderson is a good choice but then again there are some not so desirable areas in Henderson. You and your mom should read this article about moving to Vegas. Puts things in the proper perspective.

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    Two of the nicest without exploding your budget are "Todd's Unique Dining" and "Table 34". Both are in Henderson. Also the resorts on Lake Las Vegas.

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    paradise here.

    live in henderson

    try this one

    alba brothers on s. eastern near the Smith's

    great food

    great service.

    do not work there. get take out

    Tuscany Grill same area and bring your $$$$

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