What to do what to do.?

My friend John recently told me that he wanted to set me up with one of his friends. I thought, why not, this could be fun. So it turns out that the guy is his best friend Chris. He is really attractive and we talked a bit and he asked me on a date this weekend. Good. Right?

Ok so I used to be really close with this girl named Hannah. She has been dating this kid Max for three years but right now they are on a break. I haven't talked to her in about five months because we just grew apart. So she has a thing for this guy Chris, a small crush, but is still in love with Max and plans on going back out with him in a month when their break is over. Weird. I know.

Anyway, my question is Do you think that its appropriate for me to go on a date with this kid if I was once best friends with the girl who likes him? He says that he is anoyed by her and that he doesn't like her but I feel really bad even though my and Hannah aren't even friends anymore. What should I do?

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    Go on the date. It's just a date. I give you a lot of credit for your sensitivity towards Hannah's feelings, but hey. Life is too short. Go for it.

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    She is just being selfish. You owe her nothing and obviously you have a better chance with Chris than she does. I don't think you should feel bad, she certainly doesn't. Maybe you could try talking to her about it and ask if that would bother her if you really felt horrible, but I don't think you should put her first if she isn't doing the same for you. And, think of Max, that guy would be so hurt if anything happened between your friend and Chris. I say, go for it. Good luck!

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    Find out how your friend feels about you going out with Chris, and decide whether the values of friendship cross the boundaries of attraction. Chances are, you can get the green grass on both sides of the fence.

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    i think that if Hannah isn't pursuing it right now, it's OK. Certainly if Hannah is planning on going after someone else, it's absolutely fine. I'm sure she'd be happy for you (and if not, that says something about the kind of person she is, so who cares what she thinks?).

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    If she plans on getting back together with Max, I think you'll be ok. It sounds like you guys aren't much of friends anymore, anyway. If she gets upset about it, explain to her that you didn't think it'd offend her. It's her own fault if she stays mad at you.

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    Go out with him if you and her aren't friends anymore then you have nothing to worry about. Besides she's about to go out w/ Max again, right?

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    Why shouldn't you go and have a chance of having a really good time. I say go out with him and see where it leads to.

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    I would say go for it, it doesnt sound like you and your friend are that clsoe anymore and she is with someone else anyway so she should mind

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    There is that old saying "You snooze you lose'.

    Go for it he is showing you that he is interested in YOU not Hannah.

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    if you truly like him go out with him . your not even friends with that girl anymore so don't let that stop you .

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