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ok im 17 and never had a boyfriend...??whats wrong with me?

i dont see whats wrong with me...

i have tons of guy friends and guys tell me im beautiful

i mean i dont have a boring personality or rather exciting hahaa

im not like extremlly upset about this, just confused...

but 17 and never have had a boyfriend?? am i missing something?

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    give it time!!! I got with my 1st boyfriend at 18 and a half and I love him so much.

    It was so worth the wait. I recommend waiting it will happen when you least expect it

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    I'm 17 and I've never had a boyfriend, dated, kissed or any of that stuff. I use to think that there was something wrong with me, too (though there might have been, I've always had bad luck in that area). I know this may just be me, but I totally stopped caring at one point. At this age, there are more important things we need to worry about than relationships and such. If something is to happen, let it happen on it's own. Then it's just a matter or weather you accept it or reject it when the time comes.

    You're not missing anything by being yourself.

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    lol same situation...

    I was actually only ever interested in the one guy but he moved away to Australia and I never told him how i felt :(

    but its ok. Aren't high school guys just temporary anyway? Like use them once then chuck em out?! Unless of course you meet some really special. Most girls i know are only hanging around with their bfs so everyone else knows that they have bfs. Its a rough world, i know...

    I guess you could flirt a bit more with your guy friends? if you wanted to of course..

    Or you could wait for college where supposedly the real fun happens.

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    well id say theres nothing wrong with you considering im 19 and never had a girlfriend if that makes you feel any better. O and i have more girls that are friends then guy, and no im not gay either. maybe if you really want a boyfriend go ahead and start trying to get a guy you like.

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    not at all.. Not really at all...

    It might just be that u have never come across a person that you like enough.

    Also, good for you ... that u have not succumbed to peer-pressure.. Otherwise... Lot of them just say "yes" since everybody else has it

    So I must say that you are better then the others in this respect

    So dont worry... Let the right moment arrive.. and when it does... DO NOT LET IT GO AWAY... !!!

    All the best.

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    There is NOTHING wrong with you!

    Okay, firstly:

    Maybe it's just bad luck,

    Maybe guys don't know whether you like them or not, or are you just friends with them?

    Also, maybe they think you DON'T date?

    I don't know, theories.

    You have plenty of time, you should worry about your studies right now.

    Also, no, you aren't missing anything, except CONFIDENCE!

    You make the first move! Men find that SEXY, cause of course they are very conceded and figure they're hot because of it :)

    Good Luck, hoping for some summer love...that's always fun.

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    There's nothing wrong with you. Just live your life and that stuff will fall into place when the time is right. Just enjoy being young and being able to focus on yourself and what you want, rather than what will lead to a relationship.

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    there's nothing wrong with you gorgeous !

    you probably just don't put yourself out enough.

    Go where the guys are, and if they talk to you be nice, funny, and charming but most of all yourself.

    but you're only 17, it takes people a while to fall in love sometimes.

    i met my first love when i was 18, so just remain patient && keep an open mind.

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    Maybe the guys don't see you as a girl.....(not being funny) it could be that they see you as "one of the guys".... do you dress boyish?? if so change up your style one day and i'm sure your gonna get reactions from guys and your guy friends.... wear a pretty dress or skirt or simply a pair of jeans and a nice shirt, some earrings and whatever you don't normally wear... trust me someone will ask you out....

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    In my book its ok too have a gf whose 3 years younger than you while ur 20 & she's 17=)

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    maybe all your guy friends are afraid to ask you out. flirt with a guy you like make sure he knows you are interested. give him all the right signs and... soon one of the guys should ask you. if not they are extremely dumb...... oh ps. i didn't get my first bf till i was 17 either. we ended up engaged and together for 3 yrs and i broke it off but that's besides the point. you should keep your options open enjoy the single life.....if your like me and feel a need to have a bf just keep looking girl. one day the right guy will show up and you'll know........

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