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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

英文諺語(idoms) very urgent



好緊急!very urgent!


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    希望以下我的估計無錯, 能夠俾到你一D頭緒!

    1) 她雖然道歉, 但並非出於真心, 只是形勢所迫.

    She made an apology not exactly from the bottom of his heart, but she was just forced to do so because of the unfavourable condition.

    2) 信不信由你! 我總是認為他並非出於真心去幫你.

    Believe it or not. I don't think he is helping you heart and soul.

    3) 眾所周知, 政治家所謂服務市民, 多是並非出真心, 只是為了贏取選票和声望.

    As we all know, politicians usually serve the public not with all their heart. They are probably aiming to win more votes and popularity for electional success.

    4) 他雖然幫了你, 但並非出於真心, 只是另有企圖.

    He always helps you a lot, but not out of good intentions.

    5) 在工作上, 我們需要服從上司的指示, 縱使並非出於真心, 也沒有選擇的餘地.

    At work, we've got to follow our superior's instruction. Even if we are not doing it of our own accord, we have no option at all.

    6) 會議通常是沉悶的. 所有出席者亦並非出自真心而到來的.

    Meeting is usually boring. And all the attendants arrive not of their own free will.



    2008-11-11 04:40:02 補充:

    7) 對於那些在前線提供顧客服務的人來講, 如果他們並非出自真心去做好自己的工作, 優質的服務就難以得到保證了.

    For those people serving customers at frontline, if they are NOT doing their job WHOLEHEARTEDLY, high quality service can hardly be guaranteed.

  • ECee
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    1 decade ago


    There are a few ways of saying this in English:

    1. To say yes and mean no

    2. double-dealing

    3. Disharmony of mind and tongue

    Hope it helps!! =)

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  • As
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    1 decade ago


    口是心非= Say one thing, but mean the opposite.

    口不對心=What you say is not what you are thinking.


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