Gay and lesbians protestors harassing mormon church?

I find the protesting in Los Angeles unacceptable because the Church did not vote the people did. The protesters should not be focusing on the mormon Church. Catholics, Jewish, AND CONSERVATIVE Americans voted. Its crap. I hope LAPD starts arresting these people for causing traffic and disturbing the peace.


Here is another thought. If prop 8 would have not passed, they would be doing the same because a Church didnt want to marry them by calling it discrimination. Hypocrites.

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    these protest make them look like cry babies and sore losers. They should be blaming themselves for the passage of prop 8 (not that they will). The gay activists have been trying to shove their agenda down our throats for years!

    Blame Gavin Newson for his "whether you like it or not" statement. Blame the teacher and her "field trip." Blame the schools for forcing gay marriage topics on children. Blame people for their threats of lawsuits against churches. Blame the 4 activist judges that started this whole mess!

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    It's based mostly on intentional distortion and some really bigoted TV attacks.

    The church donated exactly $2,078.97 in total expenditures.

    People that go to that church donated around $20-25 million and a lot of hours. Had the church done any more that, then they would have been in violation of law.

    To repeat: the church gave less than 0.01% of the funding. People of that faith gave about 60-70% of the funding.

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    I have absolutely no problem with them having a different opinion on Prop 8 than me, I can even understand where they're coming from, even though I was for Prop 8. But what makes me angry is that gay and lesbian people always talk about how they want everyone to be tolerant towards them, but (and I'm not saying all gay and lesbian people do this, so don't get me wrong here) whenever someone, even politely, disagrees with their lifestyle, they just don't accept it. And that's the nice way to put it.

    Just seems very hypocritical to me.

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    joey- actually marriage is a religious ceremony. only recently has it evolved to be what it is now, where legal documents must be signed. in the very beginning, God ordained marriage to be between a man and a woman. it was a holy and sacred practice. that is all the mormon church is trying to preserve. it is not anti-gay- they can still be a couple and there can be other ways to get equal rights. while, yes, we believe the acts done by a gay person are sins, we cannot judge them as people. we all have free agency and if it's not hurting another, be allowed to make those choices. This was a moral fight, not a political one- that is the only reason we and many other faiths joined forces. marriage was indeed a religious practice.

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  • Did you hear about the protest this weekend at temple square and the gay community is now asking for people to boycott Utah tourism since we that is big for Utah and the ski season. Plus sundance. Also a local Catholic priest here came out and defended the Mormon church saying that he encouraged his 200,000 followers to support prop 8, that the Mormons were not alone. I thought that was cool. The hate targeting us is very hypocritical. Our intentions vs. theirs are very different and unjustified that they can't show tolerance to our beliefs.

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    At this site you can seem that massive coalition that joined forces to defeat the 3 liberal judges who overturned the voice of the people in Prop 22. The passing of prop 8 was a step forward for democracy as well as a measure to protect the sanctity of marriage and family.

    Some people seem to think that Freedom of Speech only applies if you are trying to take the word God out of the Pledge, remove the commandments from public places, protect immorality and filth on the internet, and other such liberal things. The Bill of Rights also allows us to stand up for conservative principles even if they are not popular amongst the liberal crowd.

    With mormons making up 2% of the US population, it should be obvious that they did not "pass" proposition 8. However, it is always easier for people to have a scapegoat. You would think that we would have learned something from history about singling out scapegoats comprised of a certain religious group

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    Face it, it is a no win situation for the members of the Church. If didn't go against it...then we would pay for it when we were brought to court or otherwise persecuted (along with the other churches that feel the same way we do on the topic) for not allowing homosexuals to be married in our churches. On the other hand...we are fubared because we fought and won this battle. I would rather be fubared because I did the right thing to protect my ability to worship my God how and where I may than to have to deal with others trying to take over my faith and telling my faith and me what I am and am not allowed to do and believe in regards to that topic.

    Those who rail against us because they believe that we are taking away someones rights are wrong. We are protecting our own rights. And if you can't get off your high horse and think about the ramifications of these actions you might just see we aren't attacking you (or the gays)...we are protecting ourselves, then you have a major problem of your own.

    I don't really care if you agree with me or not...I've thought a lot about this and I know I'm right. One just needs to open their eyes to understand.

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    The protests are akin to a three year old flailing about in the supermarket because he or she did not get his or her way. Do not dignify it by naming it harassment.

    Put it into perspective. No way life-threatening as was the historic harassment of Mormons in Missouri,and as any parent knows, if you just ignore hissy fits after a time they lessen in their impact.

    You cannot claim emotional superiority if you keep goading and inciting. The Church has always counseled that we show tolerance to other viewpoints, and exhibit maturity in our dealings with same. Enough already.

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    My friends are LDS and are in LA.

    I think the LBG community should rail against a government that allows such votes to be taken - not against people who do as the law allows.

    Here's a video of the protests:

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    Well, Mormons protest at Gay Pride Parades...

    Fair is fair.

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