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The Crucible. John Proctor?

Who is John Proctor most simalar to in The Crucible?

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    John Proctor is Most Similar to Arthur Dimmesdale.

    Miller has used both characters as "pawns to illustrate the happy endings through moral reconciliation and spiritual reassessment".

    Both of them have committed errors throughout their lives, such as it is adultery, hiding a sinful secret, and he's also a passionate but a humble man too. In different lives situations, but Proctor and Dimmsdale go living parallel lives.

    Did you know that Arthur Miller was married to Marilyn Monroe, and that he wrote "The Misfits" for her, in which reflected their lives together? Well, now you know...

    The book was made into a movie directed by the great John Huston (Angelica's father), Arthur Miller wrote the screenplay, and Marilyn Monroe with Clark Gable were the stars in it:

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    John Proctor is 'The Crucible's strong protagonist, who remains faithful and dedicated to his beliefs. etc etc.

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    A reluctant hero.

    Can't think of anyone in particular that he would be similar to. Mid act two is when there is evidence of his reluctance to get involved with witch trials but by the end of this act he magically switches into hero mode once his wife is arrested.

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    You mean similar to a character IN The Crucible?

    No one.

    Maybe Bill Clinton.. I'm sure he's respected by someone.

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  • I studied the Crucible last year in 11th grade. I forgot who exactly all the characters were. Is he one of the priests or is he the one who was with Abigail?

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