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I just pierced my cartialge?

with a saftey pin. HAH. not the smartest thing but whatever. i have a earing in now and used peroxide then put neosporn on because of the pain.

anything else i should do // any advice of what to do now so i dont get infected and all.

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    DONT USE neosporin! or peroxide, or alcohol! Theyre so bad for piercings and wont help it heal, at all. Neosporin suffocates the wound, peroxide wont kill all the bacteria, and alcohol will dry and irritate the wound. not fun

    Buy liquid unscented dial liquid soap and clean it twice a day with a q tip. Also, do a sea salt soak once a day. I pierced mine myself and this is exactly what I did and it healed great.

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    Okay first off, don't use peroxide, alcohol or neosporin. That could cause some type of infection. Clean the area with a sea salt soak. Dab a cottonball in a solution of warm water and sea salt and then dab it on the piercing. Make sure your hands are washed before touching the earring or the area around it, and then twist the earring a little bit so the salt water can get into the hole. Do this 3-4 times a day for 6-8 weeks. After then, you can then change the earring and what not.

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  • Don't use peroxide anymore.

    Peroxide will "pit" the metal in your earring. It makes small pieces of metal peel off and will get your ear infected.

    Don't use alcohol either, it drys out the piercing taking longer for it to heal.

    Neosporin is good.

    I really would recommend going to claire's and getting their stuff they give customers to clean their piercings with.

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    ok my BFF did the same thing. here's what you do.

    1) you have to clean it with RUBBING ALCOHOL every day 2X a day for 2 weeks

    2) keep the earring in (you probably did anyway but you never know)

    3) make sure the earring your using right now is either gold, silver, or platinum. if it isn't you may need to switch it out as anything else could cause infection.

    good luck!

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    put peroxide on it 2 times a day every day for 2 weeks. If it still hurts to touch it after that go see a doctor.

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    u should like see a doctor if it swells up....did u even clean the safety pin when u pierced urself???? cuz that would be the main cause of infection right there.....

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    my little sister did the exact same thing!....just make sure that you clean it at least twice a day!...and try not to touch it too much without having clean hands!

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    dont touch it too much and try not to wet it, wait for a couple of days before wetting it

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    lol you made my day :)

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