I am looking for a Christmas-specific charity to contribute to ?

I would like one where I can send presents instead of money and one where there is some contact, ie they can send me a letter about how they appreciated the gift.

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    The only one I can think of is Toys For Tots, but I don't know if they have one everywhere. Although I don't think they send you a "Thank You" letter.

    If you sponsor a child, they send you a letter a few times a year. There are some places that also allow you to send gifts, and I'm sure you can find a way to send to more than one person, but you would have to spend a lot of money just for shipping.

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    Here are 2

    Operation Christmas Child This is an international effort through www.samaritanspurse.org and is often called the shoe box project because shoe boxes are filled with gifts, practical necessities like soap and hair combs, candy etc and you can enclose a personal note to the child. You can fill one box or more than one or you can just make a donation.

    Community Christmas Dinner is a grass roots effort in the southern foothills of Appalachia - a dinner on Christmas day plus toys, housewares, clothes, and more so in the words of the founders "o one should be hungry or lonely on Christmas. Volunteers give up their own Christmas day celebrations to serve others - usually about 500 attend and say they have never had a better Christmas. More info at http://caringhandsmin.tripod.com/id15.html

    Both will stay acknowloege your gift and if you want stay in touch with youthe forst by mass mail a few times a yr the second mainly b emails including personal emails not just mass mailings.

    Source(s): I have worked on both projects.
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    If you don't need a tax receipt and you are hoping to contribute honestly to make a difference where it will matter most - make it personal.

    In other words, go within your own community or city and find the elementary school in the poorest zip code/postal code. The inner city school most likely. Talk to the Kindergarten teacher about arranging to provide gifts to all or some of the kids there... it could be that you could be present on a special day before the holiday break, or they could be "secretly" delivered to the parents. Or the parents could "secretly" pick them up and give them at Christmas.

    I think the best feeling of appreciation would be to see the kids yourself and to say, here you are: Merry Christmas from "ME." The joy in their eager faces will be amazing and knowing you are helping in a community where there is little money and many bare stockings would make you know you helped out where it matters - in your own backyard!!

    This would also work in low income neighborhood daycare facilities! Make it an event to give.

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  • Do you want to help a child or is the appreciation part more important? My great-granddaughters & I just delivered a carload of toys this afternoon to our local toy drive, donor names are not given to the children. Instead, parents come & choose a gift so it can left by Santa. Our gifts are not just for the children. They are also for the parents so that they may know the joy of being able to provide Christmas for their children. Re-think your real goals before you choose a charity.

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    if you go to www.allthingschristmas.com

    you can check out the charity listing toward the bottom of the page. they have a list of different opportunities you can get involved in. I really like doing the angel tree. with that you pick an angel off of a tree (alot of times they are hung on christmas trees in malls etc) and the angel will have a list of the childs age, grade, and a list of things they need or want.

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    All children's Christmas donations are anonymous since it is Santa who brought the present.

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    Santa Claus, obviously!

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    Try an adopt a family program.

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    Please consider contacting your local United Way as they have very good insight into the needs and organizations in your area.

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