Please look at these pictures and tell me what is growing on my wall!?

This thing is growing from my wall. It came from the crack between the wall and the baseboard of the house that I rent. I touched it with a QTIP, and it was kinda like dirt. I called the health department and my landlord, but no one can come until after the weekend and I'm worried about the health of me and my family! Is it mold? termite damage? or what? Thankyou in advance for helping me caus eI'm really freaked out right now!


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    It doesn't look like termites, anyway. It could be mold, but don't freak out, most types of mold are harmless. Mold reactions or allergies usually feel similar to having a cold; runny nose, sinus problems or headaches. If you aren't experiencing any of these, then you should be fine until next week. If you don't want to have the growth hanging out all weekend (wouldn't blame you), swab it with a couple q-tips, put it in a zip-lock bag and show the photo to whoever comes next week. If they want to test it, give them the q-tips. You can spray the growth with a mixture of bleach and water to wet it and let it sit for a minute or two, then wipe it off with a paper towel, that will kill the mold spores on the surface for now. Put the used towels in a plastic bag and straight into the garbage can outside.

    Good Luck.

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    Hellooo..........It's a moisture problem behind the wall.......would be nice to know what state you live in..........and are you in a basement looks like it.......because I'm looking at footing concrete I believe......but not sure. Check above ground right in that same spot and see if there's a gutter leak or low spot in the yard. If not the curtain drain around your house may be plugged. The growth material just looks like a fungus. If someone will open up the wall and look you will know more quickly........good luck.

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    Are you sure this is growing? Looks more like a dead bird that has melted, leaving skeleton and feathers! There is even a "melt" streak down the concrete! Goldwing

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    this is not a termite tube, it is a form of algae that grows in moist environments. if the landlord respects his investment property he should do anything to clear this up.

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