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Make the Mexican Fried Ice Cream authentic for me please?

I have to make a Spanish-speaking culture dish and on the last minute I changed mine up to the Mexican Fried Ice Cream. I researched on Mexican Fried Ice Cream and most of them say it is not a "traditional" dish but more of a "adaptation" or varient. That may take some points off of my total score but if I can argue that it IS a Spanish-speaking dish then that would be helpful! Prepare me an arguement that Mexican Fried Ice cream is a Spanish-speaking dish.

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    I'm sorry, but it isn't a truly Mexican dish. If it were, I think I would be able to buy it at taquerias or taco trucks. It is generally only served in heavily Americanized Mexican restaurants. Of course Ice Cream of any kind isn't traditional food in Mexico, because it doesn't get cold enough to make it without modern technology.

    Also, how are you going to do this? Are you bringing a cooler and a deep fryer to your class? If you do it at home, it's going to melt by the time you do your presentation.

    Some authentic foods that would work a lot better:

    Corn tortillas

    Beans and rice


    Jarritos soda




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    Enchiladas you will need: grated mexican mix cheese, diced chicken, salsa, tortillas, griddle 1. lay out tortillas 2. lay some cheese and chicken on it 3. fold in any way you like 4. heat in microwave or on griddle until cheese is melted 5. sprinkle cheese on top 6. spoon some salsa 7. voila!

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    3 c. vanilla or chocolate ice cream

    2 beaten eggs

    1/2 tsp. vanilla

    4 1/2 c. sweetened corn flakes or (rice crisp cereal, crushed)

    1 tsp. ground cinnamon

    Cooking oil for deep fat frying

    Ice cream topping

    Place six scoops about 1/2 cup each of ice cream in a small pan (freeze for 1 hour). Combine eggs, vanilla in a small mixing bowl. In pie plate combine cereal and cinnamon.

    Dip each frozen ice cream ball in egg mixture. Then in cereal mixture. Return coated ice cream balls to pan and freeze (1 hour) or until firm. Reserve remaining cereal mixture. Cover and chill remaining egg mixture. Remove coated ice cream ball from freezer. Dip ball in remaining egg and cereal mixture, return to pan. Cover and freeze for several hours.

    Fry frozen ice cream balls (1 or 2 at a time) in deep hot oil at 350 degrees in deep frying pan or deep fryer, 15 seconds or until brown (golden brown). Drain a few seconds, return ice cream balls to freezer while frying remaining ones. Serve immediately with ice cream topping.

    (Serves 6 persons.)

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    its not mexican. i never saw it in mexico nor does my family know what it is. its probably just a bunelo with ice cream

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