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How can I prevent to be homesick when I drive a truck over the road for 25 days?

I quit my last trucking job because they sent me to training for 28 days and I was home sick halfway there.

How can I prepare myself to not be homesick?

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    ya Its little bit difficult situdation. Listern songs,. keep ur family photos in ur truck. concentrate on work. home this will help u.

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    Truckstop Diaries by Jason Boland and the Stragglers Cruisin' on Down the line by Johnny Cooper 18 Wheels of Lovin' by Cooder Graw Willin' by Little Feat highway Junkie by Chris Knight

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    well, try to see some great sites along the way. i love seeing the sites around america, when you see monument valley and the smokey mountains etc, it makes me not want to go back home. if you have time, see some national parks/monuments and it will make you happy that you took this trip.

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