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Any funny monologues?

Does anyone know a website or a specific monologue that's funny?

It should be fairly short - under 3 min

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    That depends on your age, gender and what you are going for.

    Google monologues you can find some very interesting and yes funny monologues. Just be specific about what you want.

    For example google:

    Teen Female Funny Monologues.

    Good luckkk

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    right this is a great monologue from "the right females's degree Monologues of 2006" Edited by: D.L. Lepidus. - fairly a great, might desire to-have e book. besides, SEZ SHE, by Jane Martin Actress: Ohmigod, mom, you're no longer, i'm thoroughly extreme, going out of the hosue donning That! B**** me out. do you be attentive to what you appear to be? Mega-embarassing, ok? mom! you're representing me on the PTA assembly, and that i will;t have each physique's 8-grade mum and dad seeing you in hooker positioned on. Omigod. do you be attentive to how previous you're? you're an historic, decrepit person, mom. Sorree, yet you're. Spaghetti straps, and don't even attempt to tell me that skirt passes the finger attempt, mom! Wait a minute, wait one minute, open you're mouth and carry it open. Omigod, gross! Omigod, is that a tonge piercing? mom, menopause and tongue-piercing are polar opposites, ok? mom, there's a gown code, you may no longer walk into the PTA direct from the Whore wars. God, mom, have somewhat self-admire will you, you're a dentist. I propose, the place are we headed i could opt to ask. Are you going to be a variety of 60-3 hundred and sixty 5 days-olds who appear as if metallic prunes showing countless leg with plucked eyebrows and a breast augmentation? I alert you mom, in case you place foot interior the PTA, i visit get Dad, and Aunt Lucy, and your therapist and Father O'Keefe, and we will do an intervention interior the automobile parking zone! I propose renounce the suntan center decrease cost coupons. you be attentive to, i'm sorry however the version between who you're, and who you think of you're is an superb sag factor. Now flow upstairs this minute and develop into some long sleeves and residences, you may flow to the assembly, yet after that, omigod, you're so grounded! *** sturdy huh? properly, you may cuts factors out additionally. The e book is chalk-full of different sturdy monologues! desire that helps!

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