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Why do developing countries tend to have a bigger family size?

Well i had this question for my homework :

Population growth in developing countries is usually greater than in developed countries. Provide two reasons why population growth (family size) is likely to be greater in these poorer, developing countries than in wealthier developed countries.

Well for the 1st reason i put Poorer societies tend to place a higher economical value on children. In some countries, you are considered wealthy by how many children you have.

I need a 2nd reason and i can't think of any, can anyone give me some help? Thanks!

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    If it is an agricultural society, then more children mean more workers, which translates to more money. Whereas in industrial countries, more children means less money.

    More children can mean more support for parents in their old age.

    In tribal communities, more children can mean more political power, as the children grow to adulthood.

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    Developing countries tend to have fewer health clinics, thereby reducing their access to birth control. They also have fewer doctors qualified to perform abortions.

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    you're right on target about children being economical...some other reasons may include:

    lack of education on family planning

    lack of birth control methods available/affordable

    In some cultures if women dont have children, or specifically "sons" their husbands can and will be very likely to divorce them.

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    The upper and middle class prefer a small family because of the rising cost of educating their children etc.Its usually the poor that have large families because they dont have to worry about educating their kids or maintaining a reasonable standard of living for them.

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    most developing countries have no social security or social wellfare at all, so they need to have a legacy of children to ensure their care in later adulthood when they are unable to work or otherwise support themselves

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    No money? Stay home and fool around.

    No money? Should I buy birth control, hun, or do we want to eat tonight?

    No money? No education//" How did you get pregnant AGAIN?" " I don't know, maybe its cause I ate the chicken?"

    HOpe this helps :)

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