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Kennel Techs/Animal Care you like your job?

Kennel Techs/Animal Care you like your job?

What are the pros and cons of these jobs?

I just got hired at my local SPCA as an animal care taker, and im super excited, i think itll be a fun, though physically demanding job.

Tell me more....

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    it is the best, most rewarding, yet possibly most depressing job you could ever hope to have. i'm sure you will find out soon enough... you will fall in love with several different animals that will get adopted (which will make you happy knowing that they will be in a good home, but sad that you won't see them anymore) also, unless you're at a no kill shelter. You will have to go through the process of euthanizing dogs that are 'unadoptable.' this is a horrible thing. for the most part, it's dogs that are too aggressive to be placed into homes. But there are some cases where the dogs were just abused so badly or are too sick and have to be put down. This is hard, for obvious reasons.there are also the occasional times where dogs just seem to stay at the kennel/shelter for such a long time due to something completely ridiculous (missing limb, even if they can get around fine, or if they just don't look perfect and adorable) i have had to experience dogs being put down after living in the kennel without being adopted for close to 2 years. remember, you CANNOT take all the dogs who don't get adopted home. lots of people want to, #1, the shelter you work at won't let you adopt a lot, and #2 you know that you won't be able to properly care for a large number of dogs...

    now, i am not trying to scare you out of working at a kennel or shelter, because it really is a wonderful feeling watching a dog you felt a special connection to get adopted to a family that is obviously going to care for it and love it til the end of its days....i just want you to be aware that there are going to be some hard days, but in the long run, you know that you are doing a great thing for animals that really need you.

    Good luck!

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    Depends what your position is. The assistants clean the kennels (usually twice a day and yes, it does often mean picking up dog mess), feed the dogs and let them out. If walking is involved, they probably do that too. Basically, all the hands on stuff. It's usually a mucky job, not suitable for you if you're squeamish in any way, and is usually badly paid but you do spend most time with the dogs. People with managerial positions deal with the financial/admin side of things. I'd hate that sort of job personally.

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    Congrats on the new job!

    I work with dogs, but as a grooming assistant. I love my job and it is VERY physically demanding. Get used to being bit, especially if you are going to be cutting nails.

    Good luck!

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    i intern at a vet clinic and help with the boarded dogs as well.


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