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Is it all mens fault that women are insecure about their bodies?

cos we look at pictures of models and read lads mags and stuff, and go to car races where we drool over hot girls. we have a rep for liking blondes and stuff. is this the reason why girls feel badly about how they look and say stuff like, they cry when they look in mirrors/cringe in the mirror/compare themselves to models and so on?

im a guy in my early 20s.

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    um no. A lot of women are insecure about themselves anyway bc they compare themselves with other women. You guys play a role but not a HUGE, like you're the most important role if you know what i mean.

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    Men shouldn't get all the blame for women being insecure. Yes, men do play a role, but women play a bigger role. We constantly pick on the flaws of others and are judgmental.

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    Women criticize each other too much, I think it's only your own fault if your insecure though, you aren't forced to be insecure, you have to learn how to get over yourself, and just be you...

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    It's not just a man's fault...It is the skanks that go out here and show themselves to the whole world.

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    mostly its the medias fault and the all mighty dollar

    look at gloria vanderbilt n liz claiborne n christin dior or lots of famous FEMALE designers/

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    i think its both men and women who cause women to be insecure

    some men are rude and treat women badly just on their appearence but other women critisize eachother too

  • I think it's the media. But yea man can also be the cause

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    I think men definitely have something to do with it, but no, it's not ALL men's fault.

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    not completely. mostly, but not completely. a lot of it is also due to other women. women are evil towards each other

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