Whats wrong with me? Am I sick?

So last week I was at the doctors for like 2 days (doc app) so anyways I had an EEG done and a MRI which both SUCK!!!!!!! And I had blood drawn and they say I don't have anything and lately after school ( im 15) I feel like Im going to puke but I don't have a fever at all and tonight the feeling stuck with me but I haven't puked and cant puke whats wrong?


Also my heart kind of feels like its being squeezed kind of like a hug but Im pretty sure it's not a heart attack but I don;t know

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  • Elise
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    1 decade ago
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    It sounds like anxiety and panic attacks, which don't have to be caused by anything in particular. They can make you feel really physically sick even when you're not.


    It normally takes therapy (sometimes combined with medication) to get past them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Two thoughts. The first is birth control. Are you on it? If you are on it, sometimes the oestrogen levels can be too high and it makes you feel sick. You rarely get sick, but spend time over a bucket thinking you will. This can be easily fixed by changing the pill you are on or taking it at night so the sick feeling passes in your sleep with you blissfully unaware.

    The second thought is anxiety. Anxiety attacks are pretty common and affect you both physically and mentally. It feels a bit different for everyone, but once you realize what it is, you will know it from everything else. It can feel like you can't quite take a full breath, like your heart is pounding. It's usually accompanied by a feeling of hopelessness or dread. Maybe like things are not okay but you can't quite figure out why or what is wrong. If this sounds like it may be the problem, see your doctor. It's treatable, but not on your own.

    Good luck. Hope you feel better.

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  • Hoot
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    1 decade ago

    Stress and anxiety. Both cause these symptoms in individuals your age.

    This is a trying time of life. A girl becoming a woman, lots of sexual peer pressures, academic stresses, social interaction problems, worry about the future, what people think, trying to get along with parents and siblings, hormonal highs and lows.

    You name it and its there at age 15. All those and a lot more. Some of us just worry more than others. Little things become bigger than life and we react to that with physical symptoms.

    Your symptoms are psychosomatic. Physical symptoms brought on by emotional pressures. It will pass with time. If it becomes problematic, ask the doctor for a mild medication to reduce the impact of the stress, and lower your anxiety levels.

    Panic/anxiety attacks are an extreme example of this kind of disorder. So, if it gets hard to deal with, ask for some help. It won't kill or hurt you, but it can get very uncomfortable to live with.

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    I'm surprised they found nothing wrong with you. What about your breathing? Are you doing okay in that area? You may just have shortness of breath and/or anxiety on top of that. But, are you nervous about something happening soon? Did something just barely happen in your life that may have had ANY impact on you? I need more details. Feeling puke-y and chest pain could be anything.

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Since the Doctors say they find nothing wrong. Might be an anxiety attack. Has something personal been on your mind or are you worried about someone or something? You should be having this conversation with your mom

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