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In Arabic, is the plural form for the names of fruits the same as the singular form of the word?

I posted a question about singular/plural forms of the names of fruit in Arabic but I received mixed answers.

For example, in English the plural form for apple is apples. Apple in Arabic is tu-faaH. Is the plural form not necessary in Arabic?


How about vegetables, do they follow the same rule?

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    no its different


    tiff-ah plural

    tiff-ah-ha singular


    but-eekh plural

    but-eekh-a singular\

    but i guess when i said it outloud right now, it doesnt matter how you speak it

  • 5 years ago

    fruit = faa-ki-ha ? fruits = fa-waa-kih ? apple = tu-faaH apples = tu-faaH-aat ? orange = bur-tu-qaal oranges = burtukalatte banana = mowz bananas = mowzatte strawberry = fa-raaow-la strawberries = fa-raaow-laat grape = ay-nab grapes = stays same apricot = mish-mish apricots =stay same melon = baT-Teekh melons = stays same pear = kamithra pears = kamithraat cantaloupe = shemam cantaloupes = shamamine Thanks!

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