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What exercises should i do to loose 20 pounds? ?

i'm 5'4 and weigh 137 pounds. i'm currently a high school student and don't have a lot of time on my hands. i want to weigh at least 115. what' exercises should i do and how long per day? how long would it usually take to loose 20 pounds if i do the exercises correctly?

although i'm not overweight, i'm fat. i don't really feel happy about my body because i have massive thighs, a stomach, back fat, and fat arms. i really want to loose weight a healthy way and not like those other people who don't eat or throw up.

please help me


And what foods should i eat? i usually have a 3 layer sandwhich. is that too much? is it healthy to have a snack when i come home? what foods have a lot of calories it in? is there any type of food to help me loose weight?

i'm also an athlete playing volleyball. i've joined club hoping i would loose weight but i guess i ate too much and gain too much muscle. is it true that muscle weighs more than fat? is doing push ups, sit ups, and wall sit gonna help loose some pounds?

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    i'm a high school student as well. I lift, run, wrestle, and eat fairly well and it works out for me. I would recomend cardio/ core about 4 times a week. At the gym hit the bike, the tread, and the stepper for cardio. Theres so many core things i can tell you its for another post. As for the push ups and sit up they are great. Your burning fat and calories and toning muscles. Yes muscle is more dense than fat (doesn't weigh more) but that doesn't matter, you are loosing fat when you do exercizes that build muscle. As for diet, eat healthy snacks when you are hungry. Don't eat large meals. The snacking is great! Just make sure it is healthy. AVOID HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. it is in soda and a ton of other sweets. drink 100% juice and eat your fruits and vegies. Fruits are the tastiest and best snacks. Tip: Eat somethin like an apple before meals. It has little calories yet fills you. Same with lettice. Avoid heavy dressing though. Remember loosing weight and staying healthy is about you lifestyle. An active and healthy lifestyle will give you the body you want. Its not gonna always be easy and its not gonna come quick. If it does somthing is wrong but you gotta stick with it. As you can tell im very passionate about this. Any questions just ask. good luck and bust your @$$ in the gym! Push yourself!

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