Do i have to buy a digital box for my HDTV to get the HD picture when all cable turn to digital in 2009?

I have a new HDTV and i get some channels now that are HD but i wanted to know after cable is changed to digital if i still need to get a box or something so that all my channels are in HD. I am not talking about the boxes that people need just to get the digital tv.

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    Though your cable provider may be converting to digital, it is not mandated by the FCC as the full power over-the-air broadcasters.

    Cable companies generally charge a premium for most HD channels; as such, you would need a HD set top box as this is how they control subscribers access to their premium services. Without the HD set top box, you will be limited to the few local HD channels that are broadcast in the clear and are not considered premium channels. This will be true whether your cable provider is converting to digital or not.

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    cable isn't turning to digital, over the air broadcasting is. If you have cable you don't have to do anything. If you get your TV from an antenna on your roof or rabit ears, you may need a converter box. most tv's made in the last year include a OTA digital tuner, check your manual, if it has that you don't need anything but an antenna to receive free HDTV for all network broadcasts in your area.

    some cable and satellite providers are deliberately trying to trick customers into subscribing to more expensive digital service. see the link for info on the DTV switch.

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    nope. all current TVs, and if anyone gets HD channels, are ready for the digital change.

    only old tv sets and regular cable subscribers need a box. your good.

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    If you have cable tv, you do not need an additional converter box.

    If you get your signal from an antenna, you do need one.

    By antenna, I do not include satellite tv like dish network. If you have satellite tv you also will not need any additional equipment.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, yours is digital..

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