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My laptop freezes when on uneven surface?

My laptop freezes when on uneven surface and makes a clunking sound, just once. This freezing happens frequently, usually when I move it while it is on. If the laptop is on a flat surface, it never, or hardly ever, freezes.

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    im not sure but im guessing if something is loose in your computer when you move it something touches a circut board therefore locking it up


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    Solution: use an even surface. Haha, just kidding.

    Get a can of compressed air, and blast it through the vents to get rid of any dust. Remove all components that you can, clean the connection with the compressed air, and plug them all back in.

    Try running the laptop with the battery removed.

    Source(s): I run a computer repair company.
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    screwed up hard drive or some other component

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