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What are the causes of insecurities?

how should people treat this? is this an ailment?

Inspired to help people with insecurities


_smile_ make me smile =)

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    1. low self esteem

    2. the feeling of unloved by family, friends

    3. frustrations in life


    1. give lots of understanding

    2. show ur love

    3. be the smile that will brighten up his/her day.

    edit: you're not insecure sweety.. but smile anyway :)

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    If someone has had a rough life and not many people close to them, they will be more insecure than others. Insecurity has a lot to do with self image, too. If you are not happy with your appearance or the way you are or the life you live, it causes insecurites. Some other insecurites can come from your childhood, and just stick with you until you find a way to feel secure. Everybody, no matter the age, has some sort of insecurity. Some hide them, and some don't. Some are worse than others and they all affect people in different ways. It is normal to have them, but the way you act upon them is what matters the most.

  • papars
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    Insecurity is a form of psychosis which is rather common among all adults. In some it is more pronounced than others but trust me, ALL human beings, except babies and toddlers, suffer from this psychiatric ailment.

    Insecurity or anxiety can be caused by factors both internal and external..or what is described as intrinsic and extrinsic factors. External factors are worries about the family, job, finances and other things that are dear to us all. Deep within us (intrinsic factors), these worries are always at the back of our minds, though there may be no real cause for such an insecurity and no imminent danger.

    The other intrinsic factor is the fine balance of certain hormones in the human brain. The changing balance can trigger off such psychosis without any apparent reason. For example, people suffer from depression despite having apparently happy lives due to the deficiency of a hormone called Seratonin in the brain.

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    A person's insecurities often start from one's childhood. It sometimes stem from sibling rivalry or a favoritism in the family. Then, too, from over-protective parents. It can also be caused by lack of affection from the parents or family members. Being bullied in school can contribute to an individual's insecurities; emotional blackmail, physical and psychological abuses are also factors that build low self-esteem. Low self-esteem, less self-confidence...this progresses as the person grows into adulthood although there are instances when others have outgrown them through outside help and personal confrontation of their fears or insecurities. Like expunging them in one's life.

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  • Anne C
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    insecured people are the ones who doesnt have 'sufficient' faith in their self-worth, and feel helpless amidst difficult situations..I believe this can be traced in the subject's early childhood traumas and not so nice experiences in life. I guess the insecured person should face his own fears, identify first his insecurities, and from there he could start learning more about himself. he may seek the help of a psychologist for counseling, if he thinks he needed a thorough guidance

  • Big P
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    I think everyone of us experienced feelings of insecurities in our lifetime. Its very important that children get the love and attention from mommy and daddy. This is critical. A child experiencing verbal abuse from parents,peer pressure from class mates and school bullies can contribute to unhealthy self esteem.

    Parenting could be the number one cause of insecurities.

    Think about it. Education begins in the home.

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    failure in life, lack of love and attention.

    usually by going to a counselor, psychiatrist, priest, friend and family member or someone to talk to.

    might be a condition but not an ailment.

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    causes could be yourself or your environment.

    yourself: cant accept the fact that s/he is what s/he is.

    environment: people who have nothing to do but mock you every hour and every minute.

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    low self esteem and not enough self confidence :)

  • Juan C
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    lack of exposure... you have to go out more...

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