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Do any of you think Obama has ever given 2 seconds of thought to college football?

Please! This is a man who bowled a 37 and who misquoted Fred G. Sanford as saying, "I'm coming, Weezie!". The man is an elitist through and through. He looks down his nose at us unwashed heathens from flyover country. Why is he still campaigning? Did someone forget to tell him he already won?


jennifer: If he can do that AND kill the DH rule, I might end up supporting him.

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    Think he can get the NFL overtime rules changed while he's at it? I think it's way too much riding on a coin toss.

    ETA: LOL!

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    Bud Wilkinson, Head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners from 1947-1963. The Oklahoma Sooners are between the few "dynasty" communities in college soccer, and it quite is the place the well known era of faster soccer began. the middle piece of his time in Norman became a 40 seven-game triumphing streak from 1953 to 1957, an NCAA branch I checklist that still stands at present and has in basic terms been heavily threatened thrice: by Toledo (35 wins, 1969-seventy one), Miami (Fl.) (34 wins, 2000-03) and USC (34 wins, 2003-05). earlier, the Sooners ran off 31 consecutive wins from 1948 to 1950. different than for two losses in 1951, the Wilkinson-coached Sooners did no longer lose greater effective than one game in line with season for 11 years from 1948 to 1958, going 107-8-2 over that era. His communities additionally went 12 consecutive seasons (1947-fifty 8) and not utilising a loss in convention play — a streak which has in no way been heavily threatened. Wilkinson did no longer go through his first convention loss till Halloween 1959 — his 79th convention game at Oklahoma. His 1955 Oklahoma group is one in all the perfect communities in college soccer historic previous, in spite of era. He became additionally the 1st collegiate soccer coach to host a television tutor, aptly named "The Bud Wilkinson tutor." ultimately, Wilkinson would develop into between the main celebrated college coaches of all time. His communities captured national championships in 1950, 1955, and 1956, and collected a one hundred forty five-29-4 (80 two.6%) standard checklist. without Wilkinson, there would weren't something for Switzer or Stoops to inheret. he's the reason that the Oklahoma followers could have faster satisfaction and Swagger at present. Oklahoma would only be yet another college soccer group had Wilkinson in no way desperate to return to Norman.

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    I do think he has given more than 2 seconds of thought to college football


    I also think he is an elitist.

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    College what?

    besides, he wants the support of congress when he passes new bills in january

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    He would if he thought it would get him a vote.

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