Does anyone know which is a better phone, Sprint HTC Touch Pro or T-Mobile G1 and what is the best touch phone?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the G1 is more of an everyday phone nd the pro is for hard-core Business users. i would say go for the G1because its an everyday phone. But the Pro is WAY better if u don't mind having alot of Business stuff on it.

    the best touch phone is the lg dare or iphone.

  • 4 years ago

    android is the g1's advertising factor, for my section. and as android has merely been released as open source, it is quite possibly that extra htc units would be waiting to run the android working device interior the close to destiny. subsequently, i could lean in the direction of the touch professional. the touch professional will genuinely have a lots extra suitable help base at web content including xda-builders and ppcgeeks. additionally, from those web content we are able to be waiting to apply custom roms for the touch professional that may often enhance velocity and launch some valuable properties which would be locked by the producer. i do no longer believe there are any custom roms for the g1.

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