guitar people: what are the best guitar brands?

i am a beginner and looking for a guitar to buy this weekend. budget is up to $100.

what are like 4 or 5 good ACOUSTIC GUITAR brands??

thanks!!!!! :)

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    i dunno about acoustic, but if it helps, some good electric guitar manufacturers are Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Dean, etc. i'm sure Fender and Gibson make acoustics, i dunno about the others

    EDIT: ah crap, only 100 bucks? go with First Act then, you can get em at walmart

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    I've got a Washburn, and I LOVED it! My roommate tried to name it Hogan, but it's got a pretty inlay with flowers and butterflies on the neck, so we named it Zoe instead (extra cool points to anyone who gets the reference) and it's amazing.

    As far as good brands, you're not going to get anything decent that's new for $100. If you want a reasonable new acoustic guitar, the bottom end of the range is about $200, although you may find some on sale. I'd also suggest seeing if you can find a lightly used guitar instead - mine must have costed $500 new, but I got it for $75 cause the girl really wanted to get rid of it.

    As far as brands, Fender, Washburn, Ibanez, and Gibson are pretty good brands, but you won't find one for under $200 new.

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    A Gibson guitar is the best guitar brand. I have one it is great. It has good quality sound out of all the other guitar brands out there.!!! There is also a Fender guitar, Ibanez guitar, and the B.C Rich guitar those are some other good guitar brands. The gibson is the best one I think.

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    1 decade ago

    Martin makes a great acoustic, but you won't get one for $100. Just start out with what you can afford, once you learn to play well, start saving to buy a better one.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you wont get much at all for 100$

    but i suppose look at cheap things like squier or jasmine, ibanez.

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    wont get you far.....

    you can get a cheap one at target, or other stores with that much....

    i'd say go with fender, gibson, stratos, and lyon

    but they'll cost atleast $500 for a cheap one

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