Highlight ideas... Help!?

Hey, I was hoping on getting some new highlights pretty soon. I really love the unique emo look. I have long darker brown hair. I was wondering would it look ok with pink & blonde highlights? Maybe I'll even throw in some lime green. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!


Haha, gross ok no green highlights for me. But if you redo them often they shouldn't look like that, am I right?

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    1 decade ago
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    ok, if i were you, i wouldnt mix lime green, pink, and blond. if you have dark brown hair (like me) i would go with a dark pink, maybe ared would look cute for highlights, and if you want some blond ones would look good (i have dark brown hair and i got red and chesnut colored highlights and it looked real nice.) DO NOT go with green highlights, it will make your hair look all puke-y after they start to loose the brightness and mix with your natural brown hair and it looks sick! (trust me, i have gotteng reen hgihlights before.)I hope this helps! PLEASE VOTE ME AS BEST ANSWER! I NEED THE 10 POINTS PLEASE~!

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