Am i the only one who thinks like this?

Me and my friends were talking about cute names for kids. And I really like boys names for girls. Like I think it's really cute if you name a girl Shane. Is anyone else like that?

what names do you think are cute for a boy or girl


I was only saying 'boys names for girls' because it would be easier for people to understand. And I don't see why everything has to be girls or boys. Such as blue for boys and pink for girls. I think it's stupid for people to think that some names should only be for boys or girls.

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  • Dorian
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    I TOTALLY agree with you!!! I love boys names for girls. I'm planning a pregnancy right now and I really want a girl. I put my list of names (don't worry it's short) below. I agree that it doesn't make a difference. I'd buy pink for a boy or blue for a girl - it doesn't matter. Parents need to not teach their children gender sterotypes.

    My favorite names for girls:











  • Lilly
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    In Belgium, blue is for girls and pink is for boys.

    I like boys names on girls - if I could rename myself I'd probably pick a boys name.

    She might have issues with computerized programs automatically entering her as male, but then I have problems with computerized programs telling me I'm male and my name is a GIRLS NAME. So she has to go change some of her sport groups and stuff around on the first day of highschool - who doesn't have to change SOMETHING in their schedule on the first day of highschool?

    I'd say, though, if you're giving her a boys name for a first name, give her a feminine middle name. That way, if she's a girls girl, she can just go by her middle name and switch them legally (or not) when she's 18.

    For girls (but meant for boys) I like;














  • I like thinking about kid's names. hahah idk why myself, but i do. i have a list. here


    Madison Anne

    Kaydence Marie

    Noelle Elizabeth

    Anastasia Riley

    Brooklyn Alexandria

    Emerson Anne

    Sierra Nevada

    Vienna Grace

    Sydney May

    Isabella Marie

    Talyn Elizabeth

    AudreeLeigh Rose

    Bailey Noelle

    Sienna Rose


    Jacob James

    Aiden Christopher

    Liam Michael

    Austin Reed

    Damien Richard

    Dylan Andrew

    Joshua Richard

    William Jacob

    Aspen Rhys

    Easton Anthony

    Mason Ryder

    Matthew Tavern

    Alexander Coven

    Mason Alexander

    Elias Michael

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    I agree. I like unisex names, but often I like a unisex name just for one sex. And this is only based on random preference...for instance, I like the name Taylor mostly for a boy and Bobbie or Bobbie-Jo, just for a girl...I also prefer name, Devan, with an a, for a girl, not for a boy. I think I like Shayna for a girl but prefer Shane for a boy, but Shawn, I think is nicer for a girl! There is not method to my madness. You?

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    I love the name Jordan for a girl. My one teacher calls the girl jordan in our class Jor-dan. And pronounces the dan as a long a sound like daniel instead of den.

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    It just depends on the name for me!

    I like Shane for a boy or girl. I also like Hunter for either sex.

    But there are just some names I will never think is cute on a girl, like Austin and Charlie (Unless Charlie is short for something else, like Charlotte)

    I also hate when people take boy names and add unnecessary Y's and I's to make it seem more "feminine". But to each their own!

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    Shiloh,Dallas, Dakota, Jess,MacKenzie,Bobbie, (Wm)Billie, (James) Jamie,Randi, Shaun(Shawn),Nikki(nicci), Jackie(Jack),Ronnie(Ronny)Jordan,Chris,Jade,Kiley, Riley,Alex,Dylan,Leigh(Lee),Hayden,Cassidy,Danni(Danny),Erin(Eran),Shane,Eden,Joey(Joseph).Jonni(Johnny)

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  • Yuck. That's borderline child abuse.

    Why would you give your baby girl a boy's name? There are plenty of gorgeous, feminine names out there. She will be gender confused her whole life, and wonder why her mother gave her a name like James Elliot when her best friend is Rose Josephina.

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    Even the statement "boy's names for girls" contradicts itself. If they are "boy's names" why give them to girls?

    Seriously. There are SO MANY beautiful feminine names out there. WHY SHANE?

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