Who personally thinks that banning gay marriage is stupid and a waste of time?

I think people who want to be gay should be gay and not get judged. The people who don't want people to be gay should just go somewhere else or suck it up. People should be able to live their own lives the way they want. Anyone agree?!! If you don't get over yourselves.


Im not gay. I understand that it wasn't your choice. I think its stupid how people just don't understand that its possible for something to be different. Just remember the first black man who married a white chick or the first horse to mate with a zebra. If you are gay, I'm really really sorry some people are just so messed up and brain dead.

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    I'm glad you're on our side, but I just want to point out a popular misconception. We don't WANT to be gay (it's not a choice), it's the way we are. We can't help it, we didn't "choose" it.

    It's definitely a waste of time to be fighting about this. But then again, the conservatives doing this are rarely rational thinkers.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah I agree! It's so stupid how people waste their time and money over such stupid things like this. Gay people marrying does not hurt anybody. I hate how people think that this affects them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gays need to go somewhere" and suck it up. As Prop 8 voting shows a majority of people don't want gay marriage oh by the way close the closet door while your at it

  • pab
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    1 decade ago

    75 million dollars were spent altogether supporting and fighting prop 8

    i'm sure that would have fed a lot of starving children

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  • 1 decade ago

    Too bad, the gays lost the vote. Why don't YOU suck it up?

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