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I am huge and only in 7th grade. Is it normal?

Okay, I'm in the 7th grade and i'm bigger than everyone. I'm 5'7" and 172 pounds. I feel awkward all the time and try to keep to myself. It's not my height that I don't like, it's my weight. I dance every night and I feel like i've had a good workout, but for some reason I never can loose weight. I need help, i'm only 12 and everyone thinks i'm about 15 or 16. Please tell me if this is normal, and how could I lose weight.


Please don't answer with anything like "don't eat" or any negitive comments like your obese, in fact i'm not. They have a chart in gym that says what's obese, and i'm in the normal range.

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    okay i am going to speak from the heart here.

    I was and am the exact same way.

    when i was in 7th grade i had those EXACT same measurements.

    people thought i was alot older than i was. i was only 12/13.

    it was so annoying beucase i felt like i just didn't fit in. i could still wear cute clothes and i wasn't ugly, i was just bigger than all the other girls. not really like i was really fat and nasty. just that i was a bigger person than the other girls.

    to this day, i am 18 and a freshman in college and i ahve those same measurements. i grew to 5'8 but still weigh around 175 or so. I don't know whyi was made this way and it sucked all throughout middleschool. once you get to highschool other girls start to catch up and start looking like bigger people. I was really awkward and kept to myself from about 6th-9th grade. but in 10th grade i noticed that everyone had pretty much grew to my height, and that 175 was not fat at all. I know it's really tough now, to hate the way you look. it's so unfair. i wish i could have back my 6th to 9th grade years. they would ahve been so much better if i could ahve just been the same size as all the other girls. i seriously still think about it everyday. and i still catch myself comparing my body to other girls. now that im older i feel like it's okay to be looking "adult sized" and crap. but i still feel awkward sometimes. all i can tell you is that it's normal, and it sucks. i've been able to loose like 10 punds here and there from playing lacrosse, but i can't really get skinny and stuff like the other girls. i jsut wasn't made that way. i hope you can find a way to open up and enjoy your teen years even though you feel awkward. becuase trust me, you want to have a good time. you never get these years back.

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    Well, if you're trying to lose weight, try doing other things like running the treadmill and crunches (they helped me drastically). There are websites that have other great exercise suggestions. I also suggest lifting weights if you have a gym near you. You could do squats as well, and the plank which is a tremendous workout. You lay flat on your back and lift your legs for as long as you can which will really help your abs.

    I don't want you to feel self conscious sweetie. Everybody is built differently and I know you may feel like you don't fit in, but that's not true. Please don't worry too much about it. You're at the perfect height and the weight is something that can be worked on if it bothers you. Just stay committed to your exercises but do not overwork yourself.


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    Keep up the dancing for sure, don't eat after 6pm. Start every morning with a healthy grain, fruit and a source of protein. Drink plenty of water, 8 eight ounces glasses of water a day. I am sure the pounds are coming off, and 12 is definitely a crazy time for your body. You are stuck in between the awkwardness and becoming a young woman, and puberty is settling in. It is probably for the most part hormones. Keep on working, it will pay off, eat your veggies, nothing too salty like pizza.

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    honestly, you are a touch overweight. If you are getting good cardiovascular and aerobic workouts (stuff that really get's your heart pumping, like running) you should try eating more healthier foods. Also, EAT BREAKFAST!! I cannot stress that part enough. I ate healthy to try to lose weight, but I gained weight, but then once I started to eat a decent breakfast, it kickstarted my metabolism and I lost 20 pounds, just start with the breakfast and work you way up, good luck!

    Also, DO NOT eat less, that will slow your metabolism and if you become anorexic it will become very dangerous to your health. Same goes for bulimia, DON'T DO IT!

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    ok im in 8th grade and im 5'7 also....but i weigh 125lbs.

    it is normal for ur height to weight that much

    being that ur a dancer u must have a lot of muscel so thats where the weight comes in so ur ok

    but if u want u could join a sport...i keep my weight down b/c i am on the volleyball team

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    Just live it out, you will lose it, it is all part of growing.

    Im a boy but im 14, 6'3", and weigh 230 pounds.

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    stop eating sweets, and stop drinking soda, drink more water. keep dancing it does burn calories, but you have to burn more calories than what you take in other wise you wont lose anything.

    i am 27 and had 2 kids and weigh almost that. and i am 5'6

    and no hun its not normal, its not healthy i am too working on losing my weight from having my kids.

    Source(s): and honestly not to be mean but i dont think a healthy 12 year old girl should weigh over 120
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    Relax, your body is just going through its second biggest growth spurt of your life, besides when you were a baby. Even though you are very tall, you will grow into your body.

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    i have that same isshue im int he 7th grade and about 120 punds and only 5 4 dont owrry your just growing your cruves will iline

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