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Boxing vs. Krav Maga question?

Hi...........I am signed up for boxing on a year commitment to a pretty good place but the thing is I've been really getting into psychology and think I wanna do that. I just turned 21 and sort of grew out of my mixed martial arts dreams. Future dreams of being a mixed martial artist was the only thing that deterred me from Krav Mage which I had been told would beat a mixed martial artist in the street but not in the ring. SO my question is how dose boxing compare to the striking in Krav Maga. Will a boxer have to forget everything he knows and relearn a whole new system or will the year of boxing put me ahead of the game when trying to learn Krav Maga? Is boxing that different fro the striking aspect of Krav?

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    Oscar is right.

    and krav-maga i wanted to take also before i started boxing i did a research it seems great for self defense and is very very effective on a close fight.

    and you can learn the moves in no time i bet !

    its all about training so don't man

    well good luck for ya !

    peace !

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    Just my personal experience but I'd much rather get into a scrap with some "martial arts" type over a boxer any day. There's very little pressure testing going on in most krav maga schools. While very few places that teach it do stress physical preparedness and sparring, those are ingrained in nearly every level of boxing training. I just look at it, like this, if you can't punch a guy in the face you're wasting your time trying to learn all that other stuff. The flip side is that punching someone in the face won't be able to solve all your problems, but it's at least a start.

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    Boxing is different from Krav Maga since boxing is a sort of a sport while Krav Maga is for survival fighting, in combat situation or in street encounters. But I would like to think that if you have already experience in boxing, then learning Krav Maga is not so difficult although it is totally another discipline, so to speak. What I am saying is that with all the conditioning and training in boxing, it would be easier for you to adopt the techniques of Krav Maga.

    Good luck to you.

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    Boxing is the art of using not just your hands...but lateral movement and slipping and blocking and fients..a good boxer is condition to not just attack but counter attack and instinctly strike at open opportunistic moments or create openings.... the miss conception is that you basically punch....ahhhh not so, now the Hebrew art form of Krav Maga is no different than Bruce Lee's concept of Jeet Kune Do or the ideaology of MMA today(Dana White even said it's all a hybrid of Bruce Lee's philosophy) using every thing plus you know as well as it's own discipline(Elbow strikes, Kicks, etc,etc.. etc) in essence you DONT HAVE TO forget the baics of boxing but... put it aside and learn the striking techniques of Krav Maga (Stances, positions) after you master it...somehow you'll merge what fits for you... As for Krav Maga not winning in the Ring..dont believe's not the Discipline but the fighter that makes the difference

    Source(s): Box outta the Morris Park Boxing Gym, Bronx NY Kingsway Boxing Gym NYC Learned some Shotokan and Hun Gar as a child
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