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Please Help! I need some answers?

My mind is SO foggy I cant articulate anything. I have had many medical test. The only conclusion that I can come up with is that zoloft has done this to me. I have been on zoloft for 7 years since I was 13. I am also have muscular tics of the head and legs. How do I get my doctor to at least consider the fact that zoloft could have caused the problem?


what can I do?

Update 2:

the symptoms actually get worse as I drop the dosage

Update 3:

Actually in the last 5-6 months I have wrote a 11 page document in great detail about how my mind has been effected by the drugs and how much it is bothering me.

Over the course of a few therapy sessions will a therapist read it or not give me the time of day or patience

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    I'm sorry, this isn't much help. But ask your doctor to reconsider, or else get a second opinion if you can. My father has had various medical conditions; at one point he spent 3 months in a wheelchair. They finally discovered that he was on a medication that ruined his balance. After he went off that, it wasn't long till he was walking again. Obviously, you shouldn't just quit taking zoloft without discussing it with a doctor, but I would get a second opinion.

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    you and your doc can do research and find that zoloft causes tics among many other side effects

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    stop taking this and you could have tourettes syndrome

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    did u say it around him

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