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Skiing Back flip tips?

I want to try a back flip on my skis? does anyone have any tips? other than the obvious like learning how to on a trampoline or diving board?

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    The first time you try it, wait for a powder day. Then, you want to find a site that has a pretty steep downhill landing area - you'll fall the first couple of times.

    The only other useful thing I can tell you is that your center of gravity is going to be totally screwy when you try it. For some reason, you forget about all the weight on your feet and expect your center of gravity to stay at your hips - in fact, its more around your knees. For the first few times, I'd recommend pulling into a tuck as you do it - this'll move your center of gravity closer to where you are used to it, and will get you more acclimated to the forces that are involved. You can start working out into a fully laid out back flip from there.

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    Definitely try it off a kicker into the powder, don't go into the park and just try to throw it you'll probably wreck yourself. Find a kicker with a steep take off it will make your first try a little easier.

    Approach the jump with your weight balanced, as you pop off the jump look back and push your toes up and over your head. Try to spot your landing as soon as you get inverted, tuck your knees to finish the rotation, and stomp the landing.

    Good luck!

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    If you're asking how to do a backflip HERE, you shouldn't be throwing backflips. If you insist on it, commit to it, spot your landing ASAP, and have someone on their way to get the patrol as you start your in run. Tell them to bring a toboggan. And a backboard.

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    Keep your eyes open, look at your landing place and lead with your nose.

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