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Success stories with parelli!?

Hi horse lovers. I am getting all the research and infomation, inspiration aswell for parelli, Im going to start my journey and I need you success stories. Please tell us all. Please dont comment if you dont like parelli because Ive already heard alot already and Ive made my decision,:)

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    My horse's may not ride with ease or at all but for darn tootin', they will lay down, chase me, stand on a wobbly piece of wood, and follow a HUGE ball around on command. But that's only cause I'm a level one. Maybe in a few more levels I will be competent enough and my horse will be sane enough to wiggle his little butt, dance at stand still, and jump over cow colored barrels. Then maybe Parelli will let me get in saddle.

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    Well, I believe that Parelli is an amazing experience for both you and your horse. I haven't gotten to far in Parelli training, but I absolutely love it. I got an abused pony, and Parelli is helping him so much. I am trying to get the hang of the seven games, but I ams till learning. But I hope you try Parelli, it is amazing!

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    i got a 4 year old not broke tb from a kill pen

    she was a mess just one day TRYING the 7 games and wow what a horse we are doing so great i haven't been thrown on the ground, run over, jumped on its great i will continue with all the steps to become a companion to my horse.

    that is my goal to become her companion not her to be mine. the training has to be about her and me becoming more like her.

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