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Why are pork and grape products toxic to fennec foxes?

I am aware that Vulpes/Fennecus Zerda (fennec foxes; small, wild canids from the Sahara Desert) must not be fed the following: chocolate, grapes/raisins, and pork (however ham is not listed despite the redundancy of "grapes or raisins").

I am aware that chocolate is toxic to many animals due to theobromine (which most animals cannot metabolize). Note: Carob is used as a cocao (chocolate) substitute for pet treats, however its flavor is significantly different.


Thank you for the link, mleoche. It answered my question regarding grapes, but not pork/ham, and only supplying the link isn't actually answering my question.

"Regarding grapes: Many animals have succumbed to grape overdose. Vets have been warned to alert canine owners that they should proceed cautiously as it is not yet known why dogs are dying from the ingestion of grapes. It affects the kidneys. There have been about 50 reported cases of dogs dying from them. If you do choose to feed them, do so sparingly."

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