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Hello I have a very overweight friend, it is to the point of being obese. She cracks jokes and makes fun of ?

fat people, so i dont think she realizes she herself is fat. I really don't think she knows shes fat by the way she dresses... What can I do to help her, because if she countinues down this unhealthy path she could open doors to other potiential including heart diease, diabities... exc exc. I can not just come out and say "hey your fat, fattie" how would i approch this?

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    It sounds like your friend has a self hate problem and that is how she deals with it. The only thing you can do is tell her your heart. And tell her you love her and want to keep her around.

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    next time she goes shopping , go shopping with her to find appropiate clothes. Also you should sya to her that it isn't that nice what she;s saying to ppl. Be open about it .

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