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help my gf is pregnant, but the baby can't be mine?

my gf mom took her to the clinic today and they said she was pregnant, when her parents told me today i knew there was no possible way that this baby was mine, you see since the birth of our son 3 months ago we've only had anal and oral sex, but i couldn't tell her parents that this baby isn't mine b/c her parents would assume that i let someone take advantage of her, you see my gf is usually around me and my friends, and i bbelievethat one of them took advantage of her, but i really don't know for sure.

What am i going to do, i don't want to take care of another child eespeciallyone tthat'snot mine

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    Unless she was raped no one took advantage of her. She was willing. It is her responsibility not yours. You need to tell the truth. The baby has a right to know eventually who the father is. You need to stand up and be a man and tell the truth now.

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