Name this obscure sitcom please?

It was a early maybe mid 90s show, it was on reruns on USAM (USA's morning sitcom block)

Its about two divorced individuals getting married and building a new family with kids they got from their previous marriage. I think the father is a school teacher and the mother is a successful business woman.

The mother's rich ex-husband shows up and brags about how much money he has and whatever.

most of the show takes place in the apartment they live in.

I don't recall the names of the actors, but the dad's daughter is a teenager, below average height but not short, blond straight hair, guest stared in may sitcoms during that time, and was a regular in another show during that era too. (wow that vague)

anyways I hope with those clues I'm hoping someone who seen it might know it, its killing me that I can't remember the name of this show.

Any help would be awesome, thanks!


Thank you Tina D! Its been driving me crazy since monday morning.

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    See now you're driving me crazy! I know this show and can't think of the name. You are right, the dad was a teacher.

    One episode stands out where the couple needs a condom so he goes into the teen boy's room to get one instead of going to the store. Mom freaks when she finds out and later learns that her ex gave it to him and offered him money if he used it.

    Edit: I found it!! The show was called "Something So Right" The couples names were Jack and Carly and were played by Jere Burns and Mel Harris respectively. Here is the wikipedia description:

    Something So Right was a relatively short-lived American television situation comedy which ran on two different networks during its brief time on the air.

    Something So Right starred Mel Harris as Carly Davis, a twice-divorced party planner who had married Jack Farrell Jere Burns, a divorced English teacher. They had three children, one from each of their former marriages. "So we're not The Waltons", said Carly.

    This program premiered on NBC in the fall of 1996, but found a rather small audience there and was canceled the following spring, only to be picked up as a midseason replacement on ABC the next year, running until July.

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    See if he's heard of this one: Mr. superb, starring Stephen Strimpell. Aired in 1967 for approximately 15 episodes. comparable time as Captain severe-high quality, yet that lasted longer. Plot: Stanley Beamish is an undemanding, uncomplicated-mannered guy who runs a gas station with a chum and the government develops a "potential pill" which could turn a human right into a superhuman. seems Stanley is the only human with the chemistry which will make the pill artwork. wonderful comedy, catchy yet stressful topic track!! Dick Gautier and John McGiver co starred.

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    do you mean USA as in the network channel? They usually play Wings & Becker in the a.m. but neither of those really fit that description...

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    There was something on at one time called "The Hogan FAmily".

    Could this be the one you are talking about?

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