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Ok, so we are starting a new youth group from scratch at my church. There is three of us for the youth group now. (Me, my bff, and my cousin) (new church) I need youth group name Ideas, cause we are in charge of that stuff. We are the junior leaders. Please, tell us your ideas. (We are christians)

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    ok three ways to go with this.

    1) lift a name you like from another group. hey it's a compliment to their creativity.

    2) make an acronym. from Agapē (Allegiance to God's Almighty People Everyday) to Yes (youth enjoying service). We had spy's for a st philips church, the same church had spit! be creative with what it could stand for, be biblical or go back to the ancient hebrew - so many avenues.

    3) ditch the acronym and chose a meaning. put a word that you like into the thesaurus and see what it turns out. play on your youth and use 'innocence', or play on maturity and use 'advancement', or use your newness and use 'Xcitement'

    Most of all make it a name that reflects you. and don't worry if it's not perfect. as you grow as a group your identity will change. We change our youth group name every few years, so the people in it now own the name and don't just inherit it!

    btw. really great to hear your starting a group. i'll be praying for ya!

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    Youth groups form the foundation of a strong Church. For those youth groups form the future Church leaders and ministry. You could go with Youth Formation

    Tomorrow's MINISTRY

    Future Christian Leaders

    Church Leaders of Tomorrow.

    The Young Followers Society.

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    Hahahah I love how you put 'we are Christians' in brackets. Perhaps you should start a competition in the church for the youth there to come up with a name? It might get them involved.

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    Guardian Angels.

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    pick a story or verse from the Bible, and use it to help you come up with a name. like, you could use the reference number of a verse you really like, or the name of a place in the Bible or something!

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    Are you forming a band

    i would totally call my Christian band ZAMAR

    hebrew for `to Glorify God with instruments

  • 1 decade ago

    the christian advocate, army of zion,bible brigade,christian crusaders,C.O.M.E., A.C.T.,Jolt!, Bible Builders, Christian Comrades, Devil Destroyers,

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    Or just "Fail".

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    Hitler youth.

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