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A sad little poem/story=[?

♥My Little Bundle of Joy ♥

It all started two years ago in August; when a little skinny orange and white bundle of joy showed up at our doorstep. Sadly it was a little four month old kitten. My mom was unfortunately allergic to cats and we could not keep the little bundle of joy that I loved so much. I had no success of finding a home for my new friend. One day my luck changed, my dad had grown fond of the little kitten and started to put him in the garage. If you knew my dad you would know that was a huge thing for him to do. Not long after the little kitten became my little kitten. It was officially the first pet I had ever had, so I was so excited for the new family member. He had to stay outside and sleep in the garage but he seemed just fine with that, as long as I feed him and cared for him. When school started he learned my schedule of when I felt and came back from school. He was always there to say goodbye and hello when I left and came back. Not once was he not there when my friend dropped me off at my house from school. He was my always my welcoming committee and I loved it. He would follow me around every when I was outside. He even brought me a crow, which surprised me very much. I know that when I cat brings you a mouse or bird means that he likes you and you are his friend. But I never really thought he would actually do it, but he did. He was like my best friend, on warm or cold days he would lay on my lap with the loudest purr you would ever hear. Sadly kitty’s story much come to an end because the week away from his first birthday, he mysteriously disappeared and never again did my best friend re-appear.

This is sadly a true story

a true story about my little kitten that was my best friend

that sadly he never came back

Ps for real this story is true about my cat i just wanted to know your thoughts about it thats all.

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    that is a sad story but i want you to know that he will come back. he is more than likely just survaying his surroundings. I have 7 cats (my mom is a cat fanatic) and the males normally go out every once in a while and suvey thier surroundings. It is like they are finding out who it is they control. he might be also marking his territory.

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    it is innovations-blowing and that i visit narrate to it. You for particular % somebody who can have fun with your form heartedness. i'm particular we are able to all come across that distinctive a million/2 sometime. thank you for sharing this! "those helpful moments that don't desire any money to get carry of, yet truly a feeling coronary heart to correctly known ..." Peace.

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    I'm dead serious that touched my heart, it makes me feel like crying!

    I hope your cat comes back, I love cats....

  • Why didn't you keep him inside

    That was very selfish of you to do

    He is probaly ran over

    Someone else took him in by now











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    How Sweet and Sad :((

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