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My mom is just so.. annoying!?

My mom is so freaking annoying. She ALWAYS blames things on ME whenever she does something wrong. Like, we were planning on going and riding our pet horses before it got dark.. she decided that she would go out for dinner with my dad instead!! So there was only about an hour and a half until she went for dinner, so i had to do my homework, which took an hour, which left me with half an hour. There wasn't enough time to ride the horses that day, so when she came home from dinner i was furious! She promised me a few days ago she would let me ride my horse today and then she randomly decided to go out for dinner for three hours! Then when i told her she would need to make it up to me because she had promised me that she would do that, she butted in and started yelling at me! She kept saying "Why couldn't you have done your homework afterward?!" I told her if i do it afterward, it won't get done. I have it DRILLED into my mind to do it after school. If i don't, i have no 'feeling' to get it done. So, she continued on and on and on and KEPT BLAMING ME FOR THIS. Blame my freaking teacher for giving me so much homework! She should also be blaming herself for breaking a promise!

Also, whenever I want to tell her that she does that, or i tell her ANYTHING she does that annoys me or whatever, she always yells at me and finds a way to blame me. I feel like i can't freaking tell her anything because she'll blame me!

Help, PLEASE, what can I do about this!!

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    wait till you are 18 and ride your horse into the sunset

    my mother is like this too except she hits me :p so now i dont visit or call and she feels bad and apologizes, moms are crazy just ignore her :p

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    Hey Bud.

    We all can pick our friends, but we can't pick our relatives. I know you are annoyed, but there are a lot of kids that don't have a lawn, or a house, or an apartment, or even parents - let alone a horse - so get a grip.

    I'm not saying that you don't have a right to be irritated, but the example you gave really isn't a good one, when so many families are just trying to get by.

    Money doesn't solve all problems, but it sure shifts things away from day-to day survival.

    Calm down. Wait a day or two. Can you talk with you Dad about this? (While remaining calm?) Talk with Siblings?

    When you have a day wit h light homework, or whe you get it finished early, as your Mom to go riding.

    Parents aren't perfect. Neither are kids. Try to make it work. Regardless: Do well in school so when the day come, you can advance or move on, whichever is most appropriate.

    Good luck.

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    I'm a mom too-so here goes-First of all, moms are humans too and sometimes we spread ourselves too thin. That doesn't make it right, but its a fact. Second - sometimes the reason she's defending herself is the tone that you're using and the fact that you're telling her that she HAS to do something. When you tell most humans they HAVE to do something, thats the LAST thing they'll do. Sounds like you should write down what you want to say about the situation and give her the note before you go to school. That way she'll have all day to think about it- But DON"T be accusing or blaming, just talk about your feelings, like "my feelings were hurt" or "I was disappointed" or I love you and was looking forward to just the two of us spending time together.(that's a Good one!) Just don't say it's somebody's fault(like hers) Add something about you did your homework first because she's always stressed getting good grades and you're trying your best to please her. It doesn't always have to be about blame- things just come up! Most of all, know that your mom loves you and wants you to be happy, so let her know how you feel. Sometimes its just better if you write it down- you can make your points then- Good luck!!!

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    Stark keeping a list. Add every time her actions prevent her from fulfilling a promise. Go down the list making it clear that if she had changed her actions that there never would have been a problems. Tell her that she expects you to own up when you make a mistake or break a promise. It's time for her to stop deflection. Just learn how to get under her skin and make her feel worthless. The more you hammer her before during and after a screw up the weaker her defenses will be and the less energy she will have to fight with you. She may actually start admitting she's wrong.

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    I feel your pain XD my mother blames me for almost everything, like today my sister had to put away her clothes but acording to my mother they were my clothes and I had to put them away (but really I looked at the clothes there was only one pair of pants that were mine) so I said "but mom these aren't my clothes" then my sister walked pass me and called me a ***** because I wouldn't put them away, my mother agreed with her and said it was my fault that they were laying all across the couch. But she's the one that put them there!!!!

    Honestly you can't do much about it, I mean as annoying as my mother is I love her. She gave birth to me and has done so much for me, that's some thing that I can never repay her for and again as much as we don't get along, some times I just have to lay back and just tell my self not to take it personal when she blames me for some thing stupid that I had nothing to do with because she does so much. Mothers keep everything in order, they clean the house, take care of you when your sick, drive you to were you need to be and make sure your alright. It's some thing you can't take forgranted, even if they yell at you a lot or get mad at you they don't mean to make you upset. Like every one els, they just get over worked some times and angry when some thing doesn't go right. Just please take it from my exspierience lol what ever you do don't fight back with her! Just say "ok mom, sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad" I know this is hard for a teen (15 myself) because you want to be right all the time but even if you are right. If you try to fight back and yell, then it will turn into a whole big mess. And you'll regret fighting with her later!

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    Here we go again. The relationship and yes, another family issue.

    There are no perfect parents and your mother is no exception. Evey mother on earth has her own weakness or annoying behaviour toward their sons and daughters. As for my mother, I am grown old(?) man, but she still treats me like kindergarten kid as she sometimes opens the door without knocking which sometimes really bothers my privacy.

    However, I found simple solution. Instead of fighting back and using eye for an eye strategy, simply do the opposite acts or words as your mother does. If she blames on you, take it and just do your part. Find a way to please her and fulfill her needs. As time goes on, your mother will learn the lesson from you not by your logical argument but by your consistent action toward her compare to the past. If this does not work out, then I am afriad your mother has some sort of dark/sad/bad memories while she was young, because people tend to treat their kids the way they have been treated by their parents. She needs to heal her inner pain by visiting reliable counsellor.

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    You must be the worst kid ever! You get all upset because you cant ride your stupid horse??? Hello! Are you BLIND!? She's your mom. She's given you everything, even the horse you call a "pet". What more do you want. Go to school, do your homework. Maybe you'll learn how difficult it is to be a mother to such a spoiled stubborn brat like yourself. Do us all a favor, and learn to be a decent kid to your mom. Dinner with dad, keeps their relationship intact. You're lucky they do dinners now or you'll end up one sad puppy with divorced parents.

    Im not trying to be mean, but you are just being totally ridiculous!

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    Ask her if just you and she could go to dinner for a girls night out.while you are outask her if everything is ok because it seems like she does'nt want to spend time with you,because you set something up but then made other plans and then you yelled at me for doing what you have always told me to do and get my homework done right after school.then tell her you want to try and find a better way to communicate with her because the yelling upsets you so much.

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    you will not understand when people tell you that you are selfish, as you must be getting all the material things in life, but it is not the material items that matter, but the love and understanding that you so yearn for ,from your mum.try and tell her it is the quality time that you want to spend with her, not just going out on your horse, but maybe going for a walk in the park,or just going for a meal together,spending time as mother and daughter, if you feel that you cannot say this to her , write it in a note and leave it on her pillow. i understand the feeling as it took a long time for my mum to tell me that she loved me i have no doubt that she did not love me ,she just could not show her feelings, she told me that she loved me a few weeks before she died. "loved you too mum."

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    I don't know her in person, but if she's as bad as you make it seem I'm sure there's a solution.

    You can talk to a relative about this issue, and maybe they will help you.

    One thing you should NEVER do is stop going to school or not doing your homework just to make 'em feel unworthy and pathetic, because trust me this is hurting you more than anyone else when you can't find a decent job later.

    Good luck.

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