I need some advice with my science project?

Well I have a topic but my teacher says it has to be in the branch of life science. My question for the project right now is : "How does music affect the brain?" I need to know if that's part of life science or not and if not, it would be extremely helpful to do a fairly simple project that also includes tables/graphs.

NOTE : I'm not accepting anything that will have to test animals, I am sorry because I do not like using animals in experiments except when I use my classmates as what my teacher calls "guinea pigs." :-)

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    1 decade ago
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    "How does music affect the brain?" is part of life science because the brain, weather it is a human brain or a giraffe brain, is a huge part of life, every organism has some sort of brain to give it instructions so your topic is very much part of life science.*_*

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    That is a life science question. You could play different genres of music to participants, while you did a CAT scan on their brain.

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